#073: How To Get More Blog Traffic [Podcast]

For many bloggers, it's the number one topic of discussion: how to get more traffic to your blog.  Having a bigger number of visitors doesn't necessarily mean you have a more profitable business, but let's face it; we all want more traffic.

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In this episode, I'll explain how  to get more traffic to your blog.


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Tip Of The Week

This week I share the value of inconveniently scheduled entertainment.

Spiritual Foundations

“But now even more the report about him went abroad, and great crowds gathered to hear him and to be healed of their infirmities. But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.”
Luke [5:15]-16

The more value you have to offer, the more demand others will place on you.

The more value you place on serving, the more tempted you will be to supply what others demand. This seems good, but there is one problem…

…you are a limited resource. Which means eventually the supply (you) will be exhausted by the demand (others).

At that point, everyone ceases to be served.

In order to serve at the highest level, for the longest possible time, you must preserve the resource.

What this means:

  • Not everyone who wants “just five minutes” from you can have it.
  • Not everyone who wants to partner with you on a business or a project gets a “yes”.
  • Not everyone who makes a request of you, or a demand on your time/money/energy, gets their request granted.

You must preserve the resource (you) and learn to say “no”

Most people will not be happy with your boundaries.

That’s why most people fail to establish and enforce them.

Be different than most people.

Because you are a limited resource, and we need you.

Feature Segment: How To  Get More Blog Traffic

Success as a blogger cannot be measured by subscriber numbers alone. That doesn't mean we don't count the number of subscribers. How do you get more traffic to your blog? Here are seven tips…

  1. Write 3 to 5 “Pillar Posts”.
  2. Post Consistently And Frequently.
  3. Comment On High Traffic Blogs.
  4. Write Guest Posts For High-Traffic Blogs. See this post by Jeff Goins about guest posting.
  5. Link To Other Blogs in Your Posts.
  6. Encourage Commenting on Your Blog.
  7. Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog Posts.

Question:   What tactics do you use to get more traffic to your blog? Click here to leave your comments.


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