#077: Why You Should Use “Value Creation Marketing” [Podcast]

Would you like to know the marketing concept that will attract the most buyers, for the least cost, in the shortest period of time?

7reasonsVCMToday's show is all about something I call “Value Creation Marketing”. Reasons to listen are the fact that “Value Creation Marketing”…

  • Attracts buyers before they're even thinking about buying.
  • Closes a bigger percentage of sales.
  • Fills the pipeline faster.
  • Just makes the most money.

So this episode is only for you if you want the least expensive marketing method, that works faster, with less human effort, and yields the best customers


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Tip Of The Week

Many thanks to Ernie Lansford, who forced me to try a Mackie mixer. This week I'm testing the Mackie 1402VLZ4 … and I love it!mackie_1402vlz4

5 Reasons I Prefer the Mackie 1402VLZ4 Over My Previous Mixer

  1. It's built like a tank.
  2. Visual ease-of-use.
  3. Pure clean sound.
  4. 2 additional channels.
  5. 6 XLR inputs.

Get your own Mackie 1402VLZ4 by clicking here.

Get Cliff Ravenscraft's tutorials on how to set up your studio equipment by clicking here.

Spiritual Foundations

Jesus took what we deserved so we would get what he deserved.

By this is love perfected with us, so that we may have confidence for the day of judgment, because as he is so also are we in this world.
1 John [4:17]

Feature Segment: What Is “Value Creation Marketing”?

Today's show is all about something I call “Value Creation Marketing”… and why you should be using it…

“Value-Creation Marketing” is the least expensive marketing, that works faster, with less effort. Click To Tweet

Value Creation Marketing:

  1. Overcomes resistance
  2. Attracts buyers before they are buyers
  3. Closes more sales
  4. Gets you higher fees
  5. Builds a board audience
  6. Honors people at all levels
  7. Follows the rule of the farm

Question that come up:

  • So, how do you do it?
  • What if your business is “different”?
  • If you give away everything for free, how do you make money?

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