#088: Seven Steps To Your Best Year so Far [Podcast]

It's just the right time to start thinking about your plans for the new year. It's just the right time to get started early.

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Today,  I'll explain how to really set yourself up for a great new year-the best year yet. By the time were done, you will have discovered:

  • Why online backups are not enough, and the two hidden “gotcha” they all contain.
  • How to know if you're growing spiritually
  • 7 steps to setting up your best year so far


  • Answer the reader's poll, and be blessed in return.
  • I am updating my copywriting course… stay tuned for more details coming soon.
  • The coming comment contest, and why you should start commenting now.

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Tip Of The Week

In which I explain the two hidden “gotchas” of all online backup services.

Spiritual Foundations

All spiritual growth involves discomfort.

It is abnormal for a believer not to have an appetite for the impossible. When we are born again and open the Bible and start reading about Jesus, we all want to do the things that Jesus does. Unfortunately many of us fall prey to disappointment or bad teaching and that appetite goes. This desire that was birthed in us at conversion gets buried by disappointment, by things which didn’t happen as we thought they should have, or teaching that said it wasn’t supposed to be like that. And yet we don’t have the luxury, we don’t have the right, to lower the standard of scripture to our level of experience. The responsibility of every believer is to look at what is possible and then in the secret place with God contend until there is breakthrough, until we manifest the very things that Jesus said should be manifested in our lives. That is the privilege of a believer.”

Bill Johnson, Manifesto For a Normal Christian life

Feature Segment: 7 Steps To Your Best Year so Far

This is the perfect time to be planning your new year. In fact, if you wait until after Thanksgiving, I think you may already be under the gun.

Here are 7 steps you can take right now to set yourself up for your best year so far.

  1. Evaluate your progress for this year, and for the last quarter.
  2. Create a fresh Life Plan. I recommend Michael Hyatt's free life plan book. Click here to download it.
  3. Plan your priorities using annual time blocks.
  4. Identify your 3 Keys, and how you will track them; establish annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily tracking.
  5. Invite wise counsel, and do not despise it.
  6. Honestly evaluate areas where you need to improve, identify “Keystone habits”,  and commit to those habits. (for more on “Keystone habits”, read The Power of Habit By Charles Duhigg)
  7.  Start today, right now.

What To Do Now

All seven of these steps can be implemented immediately-and should be. Join me in committing to complete the seven steps before the Thanksgiving holiday.

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