#114: How To Automate Success [Podcast]

What if you could automate success? What if you would set a few things in motion that, if not guaranteeing your success, would automatically increase the likelihood of success … in all areas of your life?

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In today's episode I share how controlling 5 “environments” greatly increases the odds of your success. Plus, here are some additional reasons to keep listening…

  • A proven way to turn your blog into a business, and a powerful strategy for writing posts that go viral.
  • What do we do when God seems silent?
  • Contest where you can win our recent $797 training for FREE…


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Tip Of The Week 

If you would like some very practical help building up your blog as a business, you should consider attending the Buzz Seminar, which is hosted by my friends Frank Viola and Mike Morrel. In this show, I interview these two, and Frank gives away a very powerful tip on writing blog posts that go viral (and he certainly knows how to do that!)

Spiritual Foundations

What do we do when it seems God has gone silent, and we're not hearing his voice?

Many have suggested you should look for some hidden sin in your life, that explains why you have been “cut off” from God. I have a different idea about what is going on, and how you can re-establish communication with your Father in Heaven.

  1. Have you fallen victim to the lies of the Accuser, and are you wallowing in self-condemnation?
  2. What was the last thing God did say to you?
  3. Have you actually been taking time to listen?

Feature Segment:  The 5 Environments That Automate Success

What if you could automate your own success? While that is not totally possible, you can indeed set up your life os that your odds of success are greatly improved. You do this by intentionally controlling 5 major “environments”.

The importance of the environments you operate in cannot be over-emphasized. In the show audio, I explain why this is true. The 5 Environments are:

  1. Physical Environment
  2. Mental Environment
  3. Emotional Environment
  4. Financial Environment
  5. Transportation Environment

When you consciously engineer your 5 Environments to support patterns and states that lead to success, you will enjoy more success than before… automatically.

Listener Questions

1. Roger Whitney asks about how I choose my topics for the podcast, and how far in advance I know what the topic will be.

2. David wants to know how a successful real estate appraiser could transfer their knowledge into an online, passive income business.

What To Do Now

Here are some steps you can take to put this week's episode content to work for you:

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  2. Consider attending Frank and Mike's live training seminar in Florida over the July 4th holiday.
  3. Make a written plan for one step you can take to shape each of your 5 Environments.

Question: What elements in your current Environments are not supporting you, and how will you change those elements? Click here to leave your comments.


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