How To Cut Your Ad Budget & Increase Sales

Cutting your ad budget while increasing sales sounds totally counterintuitive, right? Au contraire, my intrepid listener. In this episode we’ll not only show you how to do exactly that, but also why you should start doing it right now.

Join us on another magic carpet ride as we take your marketing to a whole new world.

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Spiritual Foundations

Should Christians Seek Money & Prosperity?

We want to be blessed and live the abundant life Jesus promised us – and that He died to purchase for us, but this is not an invitation to “get saved to get money”. God’s not an ATM—enter the right PIN code of faith, prayer, praise, worship, good works, and the ATM spits out your blessing.

But blessing and prosperity are more than money. In this episode we’ll introduce to a life filled complete, whole peace, and a simple path to unmerited favor…all you have to do is receive it.

Tip Of The Week

My Dad used to tell me that “my mouth was writing checks that my butt can’t cash”. We all have a tendency to say “Yes” to more things than we are actually capable of doing. The end result? A calendar that makes your head explode.

You have less time than you think because of an insidious time goblin called “Calendar Creep”. What do you do about it? You implement Ray’s 7-Step Calendar First Aid revealed in this episode.

Feature Segment: How to Cut Your Ad Budget and Increase Sales

The best way to cut your ad budget and increase sales do is with a product launch. As we mentioned last week, we’re so keen on launches due to:

– NO capital start up
– Self-Angelizing
– Cash on demand

So let's assume you are sold on doing your own launch…you’re going to need copy! Launches are important, but COPY is the lifeblood of any launch.

In this episode we’re going to give you 7 REASONS WHY YOU MUST MASTER LAUNCH-FOCUSED COPY. Just by changing the words, you change the revenue.

Need some social proof? Check this out… Justin Livingston just changed the copy in his launch and did over $1 million more than his previous launch…where there was very little copy.

Your sales problem is most likely just a COPY problem. Listen in this week as we show you how to solve that problem.

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