7 Lessons Learned at the Gym From My Son

Coming up this week…

  • How to triple your productivity… instantly.
  • If God wants us healed, healthy, and wealthy… then why aren’t we?
  • and then, of course, 7 Lessons Learned at the Gym From My Son”

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Spiritual Foundations

If God wants us healed, healthy, and wealthy… then why aren’t we?

Not long ago a man emailed me to ask me a tough question. “I was listening to your message. My wife and I are Christians for many years. We both believe that God will and can prosper us. But we have no more money. I have no job. We have debt. My wife has diabetes. We believe in healing, but we have not seen it. We believe in prosperity, but we are broke. We believe in it, but it is not working.”

In this episode, I’ll tell you how I answered him…

Tip Of The Week

How to triple your productivity… instantly.

Being productive is more about eliminating resistance (drag) than about getting better at anything.

Here are 3 simple practices that, in my experience, will triple your output:

Do one thing at a time, for a focused block of time (using a digital timer), to the exclusion of all else.
Check email only once per day.
Accept no incoming phone calls, and return voicemails only once per day.

And here’s the thing: for these practices to work, you can’t do them half-heartedly. You must be a fanatic. You must bring intensity to the game.

Try it with full-on emotional intensity for one week and see the difference in your output.

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Feature Segment: “7 Lessons Learned at the Gym From My Son”

I’ve been on a personal health quest over the last few months, proactively taking control of what I’m eating and the quality and frequency of the physical exercise I get. The results are clear. I’ve lost over 50 pounds, had to buy a new belt, and had to buy some new clothes. I have a lot more progress to make, but it’s been a very encouraging, if somewhat challenging experience.

I’ve tried to take control of my health in the past, and frankly didn’t have a great deal of success, at least not long-term. This time, I decided to try something different: I have enlisted an accountability partner that I absolutely don’t want to disappoint. That accountability partner is my son, Sean Edwards.

Sean is a great accountability partner and coach because he is unrelentingly truthful in his assessment of how I’m doing (“Hey dad, when you do those squats you need to go all the way down…”). He has a great sense of humor, and he is a good teacher.

This week I share seven lessons I have learned from Sean in our time working out together. Here’s a little preview of what you’ll learn…

  • The single best way to overcome inertia…doing this one this thing is half the battle.
  • The secret to getting more from what you’re already doing. Here’s a hint…intensity matters.
  • The truth about how to work with your physiology instead of against it…this works every single time.
  • What most coaches and trainers don’t want you to know…this one thing will dramatically amplify your results.
  • Plus – I’ll share the sneaky way to achieve things you think are impossible…it’s easier than you think!

All this and more awaits you inside this episode!

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