How To Sell Well

Selling is a problem for a lot of people because they associate it with being pushy and slimy.

What if selling could be a soul-enriching experience where everyone comes out on the winning side?

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Feature Segment: “How To Sell Well”

Our guest this week, StoryBrand CEO Nigel Green, reveals the secret of transforming selling from scary to soothing.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Never let your studies get in the way of your education ([6:12])
  • The Art of Selling Well ([6:44])
  • How to create long-term customers ([7:49])
  • Ignorance is sometimes bliss ([8:24])
  • The difference between marketing and sales ([9:01])
  • Why most people don’t succeed at selling ([9:25])
  • The power of having a “Noble Selling Purpose” ([9:43])
  • Wanting something For people, not From them ([10:40])
  • How to properly reframe the most important sales question ([10:58])
  • The biggest mistake salespeople make ([11:41])
  • Why most sales training doesn’t work ([12:34])
  • Here are the questions that really work ([13:19])
  • The “Secret Weapon” in selling ([14:38])
  • The steps to Selling Well ([15:47])
  • What to listen for in a sales conversation ([17:03])
  • How to make the needle move right now ([19:51])
  • Nigel’s Core Philosophy ([21:30])

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