3 Keys to Real Success

Before we start discussing the 3 keys, we'd better take a moment to define success.

According to the great Earl Nightingale, success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal. That definition deserves some analysis.

“Progressive realization,” tells me that, according to Earl, success is a process. I don't have to wait until I finally realize my worthy goal or ideal before I'm successful; I'm successful if I'm progressing toward it. In other words, it's not only the destination that counts but the journey as well.

This week, I'm breaking down 3 keys to the progressive realization of your worthy goal.

Your One Big Why

Let's assume you've decided on a worthy goal. Before you start building your roadmap, you need to ask yourself a question: “Why am I doing this?” [03:38]

You Don't Need to Get it Perfect…You Just Need to Get it Started

Not starting until you get it perfect? What an excellent procrastination tool. There are more how-to videos and articles available to you than you could consume in multiple lifetimes. You can even get a feeling of accomplishment for learning something, even if you never implement what you've learned…you just move on to the next how-to. You can stay on this treadmill for life…never moving from where you started. [10:45]

You Need Results

Last week's podcast was devoted entirely to this concept – If you have a belief, there should be evidence of it in your life…some quantifiable results (even if they're not the results you expected). [13:36]


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