How To Cash In On LinkedIn

Today I talk with the genius, the master, the go-to-guy, the king of all things LinkedIn…John Nemo.

As one of the top promoters of Copywriting Academy, John Nemo joined me at my Joint Venture Mastermind at The Coeur d’Alene Resort in Alene, Idaho.

No one knows the subject of LinkedIn like John Nemo. John transformed my LinkedIn profile, he's the real deal when it comes to LinkedIn and he's here to teach us all how to cash in on LinkedIn.

The 3 core components of his LinkedIn Riches training program:

  • Profile
  • Prospecting
  • Profiting                                      

John’s free LinkedIn training is available at

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Spiritual Foundations

Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the LORD whatever you do and your plans will succeed.”

It doesn't mean you have to be a believer, but you see your work as holy and sacred and you commit that to God, then I think you'll find, more often than not, you'll:

  • Do better work
  • Perform at a more excellent standard
  • Succeed

Something to try, just see what happens.

Tip of the Week

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Feature Presentation: “How To Cash In On LinkedIn”

Uncover Why LinkedIn Is the Biggest Underused Secret Weapon in Your Online Marketing Arsenal

Here are some snippets from our conversation:

  • Frustrated, not getting anywhere online? – How changing this one common mistake will skyrocket your success.  [5:17]
  • The ONE thing almost no one understands – How to go viral on LinkedIn. [6:40]
  • People Pleasing – Why repelling people is a good idea (and being all things to all people kills your business). [9:50]
  • The shocking secret to LinkedIn success – How much personal sharing is too much? [10:33]
  • The surprising tip to leveraging LinkedIn – How to draw people into your story with one simple tweak to your posts. [11:16]
  • LinkedIn’s image problem – How proactive entrepreneurs can use it to your advantage.  [13:45]
  • The world’s biggest professional coffee shop – Why most people misunderstand LinkedIn (and how you can cash in from this podcast).  [14:52]
  • 500 million users in 200 countries – How to tap into LinkedIn and use it as your infinite lead generator. [14:25]
  • 99% do this wrong – Why flipping your profile upside down changes everything. [15:10]
  • 4 simple questions – How transforming your LinkedIn profile will multiply your lead generation by making it client-facing [15:58]
  • Where all the money is made on LinkedIn – How to find and engage your ideal prospects (it’s easier that you think). [17:35]
  • Scaling up and bypassing the gatekeepers – How to quickly harness the power of LinkedIn. [20:03]
  • Don’t freak them out – Why communicating with prospects in a non-spamy way is the only way to make LinkedIn work for you. [20:45]
  • The world’s biggest professional search engine – How to personalize and automate your engagement on LinkedIn so you can maximize your relationships.  [21:23]
  • Courtship & Dating – Why asking for time or money on your first interaction is guaranteed to backfire. [23:14]
  • The Power of the ASK – How stepping back and asking permission builds trust and like-ability (and sets you apart).  [24:40]
  • Should you send an ebook? – Why understanding what your prospects value is the key to lead generation.  [26:43]
  • You don’t see cat videos – The business mindset of LinkedIn users and how professionals are searching for your content, direction, tips, and advice. [33:00]
  • The Biggest Underused Secret Weapon in your Online Marketing Arsenal – What I really think about the power of LinkedIn and why you must act today. [33:59]
  • – How to get more business and more profit for yourself.  [34:15]
  • A Powerful Online success tip – Why LinkedIn helps you scale up faster and more effectively. (It’s all about relationship building.) [35:47]
  • Writing LinkedIn profiles for high profile clients – How to implement the same system used by Ray Edwards, Chris Brogan, and John Lee Dumas. [35:15]

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