The Devastation Of Toleration

I have a proposal for you in today's episode: You have in your life what you tolerate.

What you tolerate is what you receive in life.

I already know there are a lot of people who are coming up with examples to prove me wrong. There are people saying, “Well I have a genetic disorder that I had no control over. I could not have stopped it. I did not want this.” No, but the way you deal with it, the way you process it, and the way that you experience it is up to you.

That's not genetic. That's not something you can blame on your ancestors. That's all you, my friend. If I sound fired up, I am.

I'm not angry but I am advocating for a different view on your behalf. That is, that if you're unhappy in your life, if you're dissatisfied with any part of your life, the thing you most need to do is stop tolerating that!

That's what today's episode is about.

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Spiritual Foundations

For Spiritual Foundations, I'm just going to grab a little segment from the Book of Revelation. There's a lot of controversy over this book. There's a part of the Book of Revelation where Jesus is writing letters to seven churches.

Most scholars and early church fathers believe the churches were real churches in the area. But they also represent the church as a whole, over time. There's one letter in particular where Jesus writes to one church and says to them, “You are lukewarm. I wish that you were either hot or cold but you're lukewarm and I want to spit you out of my mouth.”  Revelation [3:16]

If you translated this more viscerally from the original language, it would say, “You're like lukewarm water. You're not hot or cold, you make me want to vomit.”

What does that have to do with today's topic? Everything, because what I think Jesus was saying to this church is, “You guys tolerate everything. You don't get upset on either end of the spectrum. You're not like total libertines just doing whatever you want. You're not crazy legalists who are looking for the smallest, tiniest, little sin you can condemn in people. You're just in the middle. You're not committed to anything. You tolerate everything, you make me want to puke.”

Now if Jesus felt that about His church, isn't that a lens through which we might look at our life? I'm not suggesting that you should look at your life and feel bad about yourself, but maybe it's time to question what you tolerate.

Tip of the Week

My tip of the week is another geeky, techno tip.

It's a piece of gear that I'm using these days. We're shooting some video for a big product launch that we're doing soon. I was going to hire a video crew and I just decided, “You know what? I enjoy this stuff so much. I'm just going to do it myself.”

You’ve heard us talk about it before in the show, it is the Panasonic GH5.

It's like having a million-dollar studio in your camera bag (yet you only paid a couple of thousand dollars for it).

It has the capability of shooting 4K video at 60 frames per second. There are very few consumer level cameras able to do that. That means you get this fantastic resolution with crisp, sharp pictures and video. Even more exciting to me, I've just discovered that I'm able to shoot 180 frames per second slow-motion video, which means it is crystal clear and buttery smooth.

This camera is really a technological marvel. For some baffling reason, with the GH5S, Panasonic degraded the in-camera stabilization, which is one of the greatest advantages of the GH5 other than the 4K and the super slo-mo. My opinion is: don't get the GH5S, get the GH5.

Feature Presentation: “The Devastation Of Toleration”

Here are some snippets from the podcast:

  • Zero-in on the Real Question – How to respond when you’re dealt a bad situation.  [9:08]
  • Called according to God’s purposes –  Discovering the hidden truth about how all things work together… I said all things. [9:20]
  • Create a new model for your life – Shifting your viewpoint on THIS transforms your view of life (yes, it really is that powerful)! [10:25]
  • You get what you tolerate in life – How feeling like you'll puke can be the catalyst for creating your best life. [11:15]
  • When is enough, enough? –  How to face the fact there are things in your life that you don’t like… but you don’t dislike them enough to change them. [13:00]
  • Make an “intolerables” list – How drawing a line in the sand is the first step toward taking control of your life. [15:20]
  • Sick and tired of not living up to the potential for your life? – How to uncover what you're put here to do (even if you’ve reached the second or third act in your life).  [18:55]
  • “Well, what do I do about that?” – Why looking at all your intolerables and asking Tim Ferris’ powerful question (in his book Tribe of Mentors) will change your life. [19:18]
  • What it means to no longer tolerate – How to improve your self-image, feel stronger, more empowered, and more capable. [21:17]
  • Stop constantly criticizing yourself – Why you're not complimenting the Artist when you're criticizing His artwork (if you believe in a Creator …this is transformational).  [21:40]
  • Cultivate gratitude – How to have a good day, every day (it's easier than you think). [23:40]
  • What if there's a way out – Why deciding to stop tolerating will cause you to make a change in your life. [25:52]
  • “What would life look like if this were easy?” – How to move forward to eliminate your intolerables by asking this Tim Ferris question. [26:45]
  • In life you get what you tolerate – Imagine your life when you stop tolerating ________.  [29:15]

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