The 5 Phases of a Prosperous Business

Today I want to cover some new directions for the company and how we’re going to be helping you in new and improved ways.  

Don’t worry, we’ll continue to focus on:   

  • Copywriting and marketing
  • Building an online business
  • Strengthening your spiritual life

I don’t believe it’s possible to separate the two things, business and spirituality. Because you only have one life, spirituality and prosperity are both part of the same life.


The premise for today’s podcast: Every person listening to this show can and should build a prosperous personal-brand business by following 5 proven phases.  

If you get these phases out of order you will have problems. If you are frustrated with lack of traction in building your personal brand online, chances are you’re out of sequence.  


  • If you want to start a platform-based, personal-brand business by taking your knowledge, your wisdom, your expertise, and your giftings and you can share them with people (the world) via the power of the Internet.
  • You can establish your global reach for $50-$100 by creating a radio show (podcast), TV show (YouTube channel) and other various ways of having people communicate with you (social media).  ([7:11])
  • Many businesses have done just that.
    • Casey Neistat  started out with a video camera and making movies and had no audience, no following, and built a seven million follower YouTube channel. Part of his company was purchased by CNN for $25 million last year.  ([8:00])
    • Peter McKinnon, a photographer, cinematographer, and videographer who lives in Canada has built a million subscriber YouTube channel.  
    • It’s not just YouTube channels, there are people in all social media markets like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You know the names of the people who rule these marketplaces, but you may not know the people in the niches that are getting wealthy serving a small, few thousand people in their particular niche. ([9:00])


The internet and the ability to build a personal brand online is the great equalizer of all entrepreneurs.”  Ray Edwards

5 Phases of a Prosperous Business

  1. Determine the meaning of life and the meaning of your business.
  2. Define your mission, your vision, your goals, and your tasks.
  3. Clarify your message. (Who you help, why they need you, what you do that helps)
  4. Create marketing materials. (Marketing that is clear, repeatable, and sticky.)
  5. Collect money.  (Give value first.)

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Tip of the Week

It’s common knowledge but it’s not common practice, “Carry a pen and a notebook with you at all times.”

The reasons for your pen and notebook:

  • Be ready when inspiration strikes.
  • You can always count on a pen and paper (unlike the internet or electricity).
  • A pen and paper don’t make unexpected interruptions or distractions (no software updates, wait time, or computer bug).

Capturing your thoughts and your best ideas is invaluable.  

If you’re a writer, this is required. “ Writers are the ones with the pens and the notebooks.” ([4:40])

Spiritual Foundations

The Dream… Should you pursue your dreams?  God is the giver of dreams.

  • He places the talents and gifts within you.
  • He spurs you on to have the motivation to go out and give those gifts to the world.
  • Commerce, the marketplace, and capitalism are all God’s ideas.  ([2:37])

Proverbs [18:16], “A man’s gifts make room for him and brings him before great men.”

“The world needs your message.” — Ray Edwards

  • God gave you your gift, not for you but for others.  
  • Your gift makes room for you and it brings you before great men and women.  
  • In God’s kingdom, it is always fair but it’s not always equal.   
  • According to your gifting will be the opportunity. ([4:14])

It’s up to you whether you’re going to seize your gift and take advantage of it or not. God intended your gift for your benefit and others. I think you should grab hold of it and make the most of it.

Feature Presentation “The 5 Phases of a Prosperous Business”

  • How to create your own media empire – Why overcoming the learning curve will give you the freedom to create your own business (with your own distribution channel). ([10:10])
  • Why it’s better for your customers if you keep more of the money – How avoiding big corporations and committees allows you to create exactly what your customers want.  ([11:00])
  • Revel 77’s new branding advantage – How to leverage your personal brand and beat your competition.  ([12:34])
  • Discover why you’re not getting traction or creating the income you want – How Armand Morin’s sequentialism principle is mysteriously impacting your business.  ([13:40])
  • Fire-ready-aim – How stopping and giving a bit of thought at the beginning (although it’s counterintuitive) helps entrepreneurial types increase their success rates.  ([15:40])
  • Why are you here? What are you supposed to do? How uncovering these core beliefs is the essential first step in creating your business.  ([20:25])
  • Why sharing your gift with the world for the purpose of reward is being like Jesus – How to define your mission (its unique to you).  ([25:31])
  • Uncover the clues to your mission – How what you love to do, what you love to see, and the people you love to be around are the keys to your vision.  ([27:55])
  • My objective is to end poverty.  My vision of how to make that happen is to teach entrepreneurs and empower them to grow their prosperity and create more wealth. ([28:20])
  • Writing down your goals and setting numeric goals (even the Bible kept records of numbers) – How one-year goals related to your tribe is a great place to start.  ([30:15])
  • Mission+Vision+Discipline = Destiny  ([31:50])
  • It’s never too late to change your destiny.  ([32:30])
  • Why messaging is phase 3 of successfully building a personal brand business – How phase 1 and phase 2 are crucial to your messaging (phase 3).  ([33:50])
  • Ready to leave your corporate life?  How to create your personal brand by harnessing the power of the internet through global distribution of your wisdom, experience, and gifts.  ([36:23])
  • “Does this sound like you?” – How to instantly connect with your customer even if you have no formal training in writing sales copy, launching products, or selling to people. ([38:00])
  • How learning to write sales copy refines your business and helps you build it bigger with more success, easier, and faster.  ([39:24])
  • Money is phase five of your personal brand business – How to “Begin with the end in mind.” Not, “Begin with the end in your pocket.”  ([42:14])
  • Put the fuel in first, stoke the flames, and then you get the heat – How profits follow work and why money is phase five of building a personal brand business. ([42:50])
  • Solving a problem for free first is powerful – How using a sales letter or a sales video to create a value exchange is the fifth phase in building your business.  ([44:18])

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Proverbs [18:16]

Casey Neistat

Peter McKinnon

Revel 77

Armand Morin

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