How to Finally Master Your Time

Time is an interesting resource unlike any other.  Any two people have differing financial resources, and differing skills and talents.  We have different opportunities, different circumstances, and a different network of friends and acquaintances.  But we all have the same number of hours in a day, week, month or year.

When it comes to time, we’re all on level ground.  No one has extra hours stashed away in a savings account for a rainy day.  None of us has the ability to turn the clock back, stop it, or even slow it down.  Our daily allotment of time is a 24-hour-period, or is it?

Today we talk about how we can actually multiply our time.  Learn how to optimize your time today by applying the 4Ps: Planning, Persistence, Patience, and People.

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Spiritual Foundations

It’s a curious thing. We love to quote Isaiah [54:17], “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” But chances are, you know some Christians who are constantly faced with overwhelming challenges, defeat, tragedy, and sickness. What is happening here?

You see that the promise comes with a condition, “In righteousness you shall be established.”

So it is when we are established in righteousness that we will be far from oppression, terror, tragedy, and not a single weapon formed against us will prosper. How can we possibly be righteous?

It turns out, you already have righteousness. When you receive Jesus as your Savior, you are also given the gift of righteousness, which empowers you to reign in life (Romans [5:17]).

You are established in His righteousness.

I believe God wanted us to know that we are righteous by the blood of Jesus, by his perfect work on the cross, so there’s nothing we can do that will add to it or take away from it.

When you feel,”attacked,” afraid, worried, and anxious, remind yourself of who you are in Christ. When you remind yourself of these things, notice how the worry, anxiety, and depression begin to fall away, “you shall not fear, terror shall not come near you.”

One more thing. Belief takes effort.  It’s an action, not a floating generality. As you continue believing and confessing, (speaking out loud) your righteousness in Christ, you’ll get an ever-increasing revelation that will give you the assurance of God’s miraculous provision, his blessing, his divine protection and sovereign grace over your life.

Tip of the Week

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Feature Presentation “How to Finally Master Your Time

  • Why time is an interesting resource — Finances, skills, and talents vary, but we all have one thing in common.
  • We’re all on level ground — Why no one has an advantage in this key area of life.
  • Dream of stashing away extra time in an account for a rainy day? — What if you could turn back the clock, stop it, or even slow it down.
  • Why breaking down time into two categories gives you unlimited power (you never knew you had).
  • Personal time is finite and leads to your frustration — Discovering the secret productivity principle guaranteed to multiply your capacity for creating the life you desire.
  • The 4 Ps of time optimization — How to expand your productivity by understanding a few secret principles.
  • How planning is both a discipline and an art — Start planning and stop allowing time to fritter away.
  • The art of planning — How to regain “lost time” by re-organizing your tasks.
  • Harness the principles of training, experiences, processes, and technological aids to help you plan what’s important in life.
  • Why embracing time management as an art form helps you avoid frustration by anticipating the anomalies and building in extra time.
  • The one weapon you have to help you overcome laziness, procrastination, and setbacks —  Why persistence is a key to optimizing time and carrying out your plan.
  • How to apply persistence in a variety of ways — Push through or wait for an epiphany?… the question all creatives ask.
  • Why being flexible and creative with “when” and “how” is a powerful discipline for increasing time optimization.
  • The unexpected, unusual way to optimize your time — How persistence and patience go hand in hand.
  • Uncover how persistence without patience works against you in time (and in relationships).
  • Discover how to avoid coming off as an uncaring jerk — Persistence alone blinds you to shortcomings and the inevitability of setbacks.
  • How to gain a more realistic view of the uncertainties of life — Why coming to grips with this one fact will give you peace and productivity.
  • Why roadblocks and setbacks viewed through the lense of patience gives you insight into new possibilities — Learn how to stop writing off possibilities in your life.
  • Uncover the one and only way to multiply your time — Why delegating tasks to others optimizes your time and produces better results.
  • Stretching time — The secrets to increasing your capacity and producing your best work.
  • How creating a team gives you an unfair advantage — The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Why you can’t afford NOT to hire someone to help you — Do the math and you’ll easily convince yourself.
  • How to save money, create better outcomes, and enjoy your life.
  • Discover why it is costing you money to do it all by yourself — Calculate your hourly rate and find someone who will complete your tasks at a fraction of your personal hourly rate.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

AllTrails app

Isaiah [54:17]

Romans [5:17]

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