How To Have More Aha Moments

Have you ever wondered if those AHA! Moments, Big Ideas, Eureka Breakthroughs just happen or if you can set yourself up to experience more of them?

What if you could create an environment to generate Brilliant Ideas…

On today’s podcast, I share how you can set yourself up for more AHA! moments by adding these 5 activities to your routine.

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Tip of the Week

How can you read an extra book a week, with no added time?
Read audio books and speed them up – during your workout, while your cooking, as you’re working around the house.

As you listen to an audiobook you’re expanding your thinking, fostering creativity, and setting yourself up for more AHA! moments.

Spiritual Foundations

Why doesn’t God answer every prayer? 

Have you considered, what if He does, and sometimes His answer is “no”?

But he said, “Ask whatever you will in My name.”

What does it mean to ask something in someone’s name?

In biblical times, when decrees and commands were given in the name of the ruler they were speaking in “his name.”

Feature Presentation “How To Have More Aha Moments

  • Imagine the impact of putting more knowledge in your brain with no net time increase and very little effort.
  • How to foster creativity – Understanding why new thoughts and original ideas don’t happen in a vacuum.
  • The magic phrase I use to uncover underlying thoughts and motivations.
  • How Dale Carnegie’s principle about asking questions transformed my interactions.
  • The power of actually listening – Why it’s important to avoid the “me-too switch.”
  • How taking notes is powerful, even if you never read them again – Welcome to the
  • Discover the danger of “echo-chambering yourself.” – How confirmation bias is hindering and minimizing your openness to diverse thoughts.
  • How to create more AHA! moments – Read more, listen more, take more notes, intake from wide sources, set aside time for rest.
  • What if you have a new twist on an old idea? – Why taking time to rest is a catalyst for new ideas.
  • Judging, wrestling, and the battling over pro-life and pro-choice – How to talk with someone who has opposing views and learn to understand people with different viewpoints.
  • Your “ghostly second mind” – Discover your library of conclusions and how rest and relaxation link ideas together.

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