The Amazing Story Of The Symphonic Copywriter

Today I am talking to Dr. Douglas Pew of Symphonic Copywriting.

Dr. Pew is one of my copywriting students. His story of the transition from a university professor to a successful copywriter is genuinely inspiring.

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Dr. Douglas Pew 

Hi, I'm Dr. Douglas Pew, the Symphonic Copywriter. I'm a former university professor of music turned Copywriter and Marketing Strategist.

I help business owners like you compose compelling copy for your Product Launches, Sales Letters and Email Autoresponders.

My experience composing powerfully emotional music for renowned opera houses, symphony orchestra and choirs taught me how to help you sing your customer's tune. 

“Dr. Douglas Pew is a prodigy who has seamlessly channeled his musical gifts into orchestrating copy that is powerful, persuasive prose that will bring you profits. And what's more, it will be copy you can be proud of. My advice: hire him while you still can, because he's going to be booked solid before you know it.”  – Ray Edwards

Are You Struggling With Your Copy? I Can Help You…

What Is Symphonic Copywriting?

Remember Senior Prom in High School?

You're dressed to the nines and rented a limo to pick up your date. Your tuxedo and bow tie are strangling you half to death, but you catch a glimpse of your slick self in the rear-view mirror. “Dang… I'm lookin' good!” 

And wow, your girl looks amazing in her sky-blue prom dress. Her eyes are sparkling like sapphires and she gives you ‘the look'! Mama mia! 

As you escort your beautiful date (man… how did I get so lucky?) into the dance, the band starts to play… 

Aaahhh! THAT'S OUR SONG!” She says.

Perfect timing! How did the band know?! 

“May I have this dance?” You say with a little bow.

All the excitement, all the emotion, all the fire of young love burns inside you both as you grab hands and head out to the dance floor.

You were in the right place at the right time and the band played your tune. You HAD to dance! You were primed and ready.

THAT'S Symphonic Copywriting!

I can help you compose your marketing messages so they resonate with your customer's like a tuning fork on steroids. You'll be singing their tune! 

Click the link below and let's get warmed up and ready to sing!


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