If You Can Believe It, You Can Achieve It- With Amy Porterfield

Welcome to the Ray Edwards show and 2019! For the first podcast of the year, I am talking to Amy Porterfield. We tackle life coaches, how to overcome your emotions, how to accept B+ work and why, and how Amy is making significant changes in her business, and you can, too. 

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Here are the highlights from today’s show:

•    It is okay to feel emotions, in fact, it is good. But you can not let your feelings overcome you and determine your actions.

•    Brook Castillo teaches that it is okay to do B+ work and that you do not always have to have a  perfect A+ output, despite what you were raised to believe. If doing the A+ job robs you of time with your family or any other joy, it is okay to settle for your B+ work. Your customers will never even notice the difference.

•    Change your thoughts to change your actions. It just takes little tweaks and commitment. If you hate working out, do it in the morning and get it done so you can do the things you need to in your day.

•    In your business, you need to put yourself out there and not worry about what everyone will think. Just believe in your capabilities and do the work.

•    Mindset is just as important in your business as the strategy and is often far more challenging to overcome. 

Amy has retired her old programs and has created an entirely new training for her students.  Amy is teaching how you can create and sell your course online, and that everyone can do it.  Everyone has something they can teach and make a business out of it.

Join Amy’s webinar and Masterclass. You will be happy you did.



Amy’s Webinar: www.rayedwards.com/DCA

Brook Castillo: https://thelifecoachschool.com/

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