How To Market With Evil Intentions

Let’s say I discovered a secret language pattern than could force people to buy whatever I’m selling. Would you wan to know this tactic? Would you use it? What if people bought stuff they couldn’t afford for no other reason tan your tricky marketing tactics? Would that make you evil … or them gullible?

All this and more in a rough-cut podcast recoding in an empty boardroom after a day full go meetings…

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[01:00] How the beauty & fashion industry destroys girls.
[02:00] Meet our producer, Kris Edwards.
[02:51] How having an 11-year old daughter changes one’s perspective.
[03:48] Our producer’s real job
[04:29] How to use Instagram in a totally unhealthy way.
[05:01] The use of addiction to make marketing sell more product.
[06:11] The creative use of zombies as a presenting tool.
[07:11] How we use Facebook. Or don’t use Facebook.
[10:55] Ray explains how the pharmaceutical companies may be hijacking your heath care by brainwashing (and paying off) your doctor.
[12:01] What is our responsibility when evil marketing its used against us.
[16:27] Am I, Ray Edwards, teaching people to use evil tactics to sell bad stuff to people?
[17:45] Is there a moral iterative to sell hard and use persuasion tactics?
[19:04] What role does the consumer play in making the evil possible.
[20:01] The question that Sean will not answer.
[20:38] What CEOs will never do.
[22:11] Is CONTENT marketing evil?
[25:57] How TV preachers manipulate defenseless people.
[29:02] The Televangelist who was o his marketing game.
[34:25] Marketers who teach us how to market with Evil Intent.

Plus, Tiffany grills Kris and Sean about what kind of brother and dad, Ray was…

[36:08] Bad things the Edwards brothers did to one another.
[37:43] Kris tells the story of how Ray got locked in the library as a young kid.
[39:12] Sean talks about what kind of Dad Ray was… and the big battle over discipline method between Ray and Lynn.

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