The Difference Between Magic and Miracles

I may shock you this week. Why? Because… even though I’m the guy who talks about “spiritual foundations” and sometimes even “woo-woo miracles” on his business podcast… I’m gonna set all that stuff aside today.

I’m gonna talk about the “practical” kind of miracles and why you should stop all the “magic” miracle thinking.

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On today’s show, you’ll discover…

  • ([1:07]) What “magical” miracles are, and why I think you should stop relying on them. God is not a magician. He’s a physician who follows the law of ACTION… not the law of ATTRACTION.
  • ([2:15]) Where our feelings really come from. HINT: They don’t come from some magical place in the sky.
  • ([3:30]) How the law of attraction makes you fat, tired, unemployed, broke, and miserable. It’s time to STOP this kind of thinking and start taking your life by the horns.
  • ([3:45]) The way out of your vicious cycle and into a victorious circle. It’s so simple most people don’t believe it works. Don’t be like Moses’s followers, who thought the antidote to vicious bites from poisonous serpents… which was to look at his staff… was far too easy to be true. This is JUST as simple.
  • ([4:15]) Who’s really in control of your thoughts. How to avoid the deadly undertow of social “infinity pools” all around you.
  • ([7:15]) The key that unlocks real faith. Look closely at that book you say you believe in. The “P-word” kind of miracles so many people beg for almost never happen. Instead, the book is filled with the truth about miracles you can bring to pass in your life… the kind the law-of-attraction-mongers want to keep hidden from you so you’ll keep buying their books and attending their events.
  • ([8:25]) The new book that’s got me all fired up about miracles, what they really are, and how you can engineer them in your life. It’s a simple yet profound equation everyone can use to start becoming a miracle maven today!
  • ([9:25]) Why your faith is dead, and how the book of James backs me up on this fact. No matter what denomination you belong to, this is one of the clearest, most straightforward truths in the Bible that directly applies to anyone who wants to fill their life with purpose and prosperity.
  • ([10:20]) How to bridge the gap once and for all between where you are now and where you want to be. If you understand the real purpose of goals and how to fuel your endurance, you simply cannot fail!
  • ([11:40]) Why I have a big fat problem with the “self-help” movement, even though I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of self-help books. Why so many people get stuck in the self-help “crappy life cycle” and the 2 simple decisions you must make to break this trend in your life.
  • ([14:20]) How I’m using this new book to help me overcome the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. It’s my #1 mission in life. And even though the entire medical establishment says it’s impossible, I have unwavering faith in my mission.
  • ([17:35]) How I help my coaching clients and students take extraordinary action toward achieving their goals. Most of them think they’re trying “everything” possible even though they usually stop after 3 or 4 attempts.
  • ([19:30]) The key idea in this new book that knocked my socks off more than any other. And there are SO MANY amazing ideas. Again, it sounds really simple, but it makes ALL the difference!
  • ([22:30]) The 5-part framework you can use to create a “can’t fail” result for any goal, even if you don’t reach the finish line. I’ll tell you my word-for-word “miracle mantra” incantations (these are SO MUCH MORE than flimsy affirmations).
  • ([27:55]) What I do when “worse days” come, and they sometimes do. How I double down on what I’ve learned in this amazing book, and how it’s truly changing my life.


The Miracle Equation, by Hal Elrod.

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