How to Get Healthy Without Going Crazy

This week I’m talking with my good friend and personal health optimization specialist Dr. Gus Vickery.

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Not only is he an award-winning and board-certified family physician who founded and grew his own chain of 3 medical clinics, but he is also a specialist in cognitive behavioral science, motivational interviewing, neuroplasticity, braining training, meditation, biomechanical health, nutrition, and the science of sleep.

His book, Authentic Health: The Definitive Guide to Losing Weight, Feeling Better, Mastering Sleep, Sleeping Well Every Night and Enjoying a Sense of Purpose sounds like a tall order, but he fills that order at every level.

Dr. Gus Vickery is a truly remarkable man!

Tune in to our conversation to learn…

  • ([5:30]) Why we really don’t know who we are until around the age of 24. This can have a profound impact on how well or poorly we perform in college for specific neurological reasons.
  • ([9:10]) How God created our 3-part brain, even the lizard brain, to help us take ownership of our own mind. What we share with reptiles, dogs, and other animals. What those similarities are and how our advanced neocortex processes are deteriorating as a direct result of our current environment.
  • ([14:01]) What really controls our behavior, and how to avoid being “owned” by the marketplace. There’s a debate about whether it’s our thoughts or our feelings. Dr. Gus provides his combined scientific and religious point of view to demonstrate how to overcome the incredibly powerful force of the lower, mammalian brain.
  • ([19:03]) The definition of “epigenetics” and how it differs from and can even control our genetics and DNA. How you can influence how your genetics, and how to find the one version of you that is your “best” you.
  • ([22:28]) Why healthcare is completely dysfunctional and how it’s driving many doctors out of the “medicine” business. Why the powers that be are nowhere near finding a good, affordable insurance situation that will give you access to the real truth of human health.
  • ([25:01]) How to find the truth of human health and human design while avoiding the federal government healthcare mafia. When you begin to honor that truth for yourself, you won’t need the healthcare system at all.
  • ([30:05]) Why “health” is SO much more than looking good in your bathing suit or doing acrobatic feats with your body. How most people’s “health” compass has been completely destroyed, and how Dr. Gus can help you repair and recalibrate it so you can achieve true north with your health.
  • ([33:10]) How Dr. Gus’s heart is making more of an impact on his patients than his knowledge of health is. He didn’t write his book for publicity or fame. He wrote it for his patients as a way to give them more of himself than he can during a visit to the clinic.
  • ([35:45]) A step-by-step formula for optimizing your health far beyond what you ever thought possible. It answers the deep question, “What is my true potential?”
  • ([38:50]) Why health is not about judging yourself or others on a spectrum of “good” or “bad.” Taking the time to look deep within yourself and apply Dr. Gus’s teachings about your true identity and what it means to take full responsibility will do far more for you than any fad diet or exercise routine.
  • ([41:40]) The #1 first habit to examine, and how it can give you the greatest immediate health gains. Hint: it has nothing to do with stress or nutrition. Here’s the hard truth… if you don’t honor this one thing, you will never arrive at your health goal, ever!
  • ([47:40]) How Dr. Gus’s book proves ancient wisdom. The kind of stuff we’ve forgotten because they’ve been crowded out by other sources.
  • ([50:30]) How the clock inside your brain, your pancreas, your liver, and your stomach create a rhythm of life that can tap our true potential, if we let it. It’s beautiful evidence of how we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”
  • ([57:40]) Why you should never give up on the healthcare system. And why should also never stop searching for your biological blueprint of health. You can find it in Dr. Gus Vickery’s book and from other conscientious “authentic health” specialists.


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