How a Beginning Copywriter Goes from $0 to $75,000 a Year

One of the most frequent questions I get from all my copywriting students is, “How do I start from $0 and make some money?” I usually tell them to go to live events to find clients. And though that works very well, it’s not realistic for everyone.

Many students ask if trying to get clients on Upwork is a good idea. I’ve always told them this is a bad idea, until recently.

Mark this down… I. Was. Wrong. This interview with Judy Anne Michael proves that I was wrong. Judy made $75,000 on Upwork with an 87% margin. That is amazing! And that’s why I’ve invited Judy onto the podcast this week.
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  • ([3:00]) What kind of writing Judy provides for her 55 Upwork clients. One of the best parts about her success is that 27% of her clients are repeat customers. Some of them have paid her over 5-figures, both on Upwork and privately.
  • ([5:10]) How to work the numbers game on Upwork so your profile gets the right kind of attention. It’s not hard. It just takes a little due diligence.
  • ([6:45]) Why picking the right clients is crucial, and how to find them. The more you play with the site the better you’ll get at doing this. But with these few “client qualifiers,” you can find the right people.
  • ([8:35]) How to know when you’re dealing with “price shoppers,” and how to avoid them. Even though services like Upwork are known for “low ticket” freelance jobs doesn’t mean you have to settle for low fees.
  • ([10:10]) How working with one high-quality client transformed from a $7,000 project to over $40,000 of business. And Judy got to meet and work with a handful of important vice presidents at this firm, which gave her connections and leads for even more work to follow.
  • ([12:25]) How to avoid problem clients who don’t pay or who are addicted to scope creep. There are a few telltale signs and it doesn’t take long to figure them out.
  • ([15:10]) The 4 steps to getting started on Upwork. If you take the time to set up your Upwork freelance business, you can start making money in as little as a week.
  • ([18:20]) How to connect your LinkedIn profile to Upwork so you can get great recommendations. Again, it’s simple, but it does take some due diligence.
  • ([20:20]) Why more and more of the best “big name” companies are looking for quality freelancers on Upwork. It’s not just about finding freelancer talent, it’s also about the tax benefits.
  • ([23:05]) How to showcase your multiple strengths and get several types of different clients on Upwork. This is one of the fastest ways to fill up your book of business.
  • ([24:10]) What the “hot” copywriting areas are right now on Upwork. If you specialize in these areas, the potential is huge!


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