This One Magic Sentence Can Multiply Sales

In this episode of the Ray Edwards show, I will tell you all about the one magic sentence that can boost your sale now and give you 7 ways to invest your time better in the New Year.

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Tune in to discover…

  • ([4:11]) The magic sentence that can boost your sales now! It will do wonders for you, you’ll see.
  • ([6:50]) 7 ways to spend your time better in 2020. Remember, time is something you NEVER get back… so utilize it to its full potential.
  • ([7:34]) Tip 1: The “sit-in-the-middle-of-a-room-and-do-nothing” secret to success. This is gonna feel strange, but just try it… I dare you!
  • ([8:40]) Tip 2: The “move-it-or-lose-it” MUST DO. Really, you're gonna lose it. So… MOVE IT!
  • ([9:18]) Tip 3: The “question everything” method to conquering your quest in life. Beware the power of the dark side of the thoughts you've always thought.
  • ([11:32]) Tip 4: The “babble-to-yourself-in-the-corner” technique to free your mind and rule your life. Ignore the strange looks, sideways glances, and worried mothers shielding their children from you.
  • ([12:59]) Tip 5: You're asking the wrong questions. “But Ray, I thought there were no bad questions.” That may be so, but are you asking it the right way?
  • ([14:32]) Tip 6: The “do-less-to-gain-more” technique. It may sound crazy, but doing less can actually help you do WAY more.
  • ([15:31]) Tip 7: Steal the ultimate leaf from the Army’s playbook. Answer this cosmic question, and you’ll reach greater heights than you ever imagined possible.


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Until we meet again may you prosper in all things: health, wealth, and wisdom. Now go live your most prosperous life.

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