My Personal Code of Conduct

We all face difficulties in our everyday lives.

Some things that I’ve struggled with are my emotions and reactions, and eating healthy food.

I do a lot better with both things now even though I am not always perfect, but because I wrote down goals in my code of conduct to address those issues, I have been able to keep myself accountable.

Maybe you struggle with unhealthy habits and you don’t want to be known for those downfalls in your life. I recommend writing your own code of conduct. This is a document created by YOU for YOU to hold yourself accountable for working toward being the person you want to be.

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  • ([0:39]) Why this isn’t the first time we will experience change, and it isn’t the last time. We have never been sure of what tomorrow will bring us. We didn’t know that 9/11 was going to happen. We didn’t know that we’d go into a recession. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but no matter what happens it is not the end…it’s a beginning.
  • ([1:37]) How you can start preparing your business for the unknown. You might come upon a situation where one of your employees has a family emergency, and now you need to find somebody to step in for them. Teaching that person how to do somebody else’s job is the least productive strategy for your business. So how do you teach them without physically teaching them? Write down your process and have your employees write down their processes as well. There are programs made for this exact reason.
  • ([2:45]) The importance of writing down the principles that govern our life. Well, if they’re that important you might be wondering why I have to write them down. Let me ask you this…Do you remember what you ate for breakfast on this day five years ago? NO! Sometimes we can’t even remember to buy milk. So I write out my code of conduct to remind me of who I want to be.
  • ([8:12]) Why I refuse to fall to a victim mentality even when it comes to Parkinson’s and depression. I have control over my mind. yes, there are chemical imbalances that I don’t always have control over, but I do have control over seeking medical assistance to treat the said imbalance. That is my job and nobody else’s. Maybe somebody did something hurtful, but I have the power to not fall victim to depression or blame anybody else for the way I am feeling.


  1. I act in a manner that is cheerful, polite, friendly, courteous, and which honors others.
  2. I take 100% ownership of my emotional state and my response to life.
  3. I follow my current morning and evening success rituals consistently.
  4. I progress daily toward the achievement of worthy goals.
  5. I engage in physical exercise one hour per day.
  6. I eat food, not too much, mostly plants; no sugar or flour.
  7. I don't drink alcohol or use other intoxicants to numb my feelings.
  8. I commit to consistently be even more tolerant toward other people (their faults, failings, and mistakes) today. I will place the best possible interpretation on their actions.
  9. I act as if successes are inevitable and that I already am the sort of person that I desire to be.
  10. I will ignore completely and close my mind to all pessimistic and negative facts that I can do nothing to change. I will actively seek the positive outcomes such facts or circumstances make possible through the intentional management of my thoughts and actions.

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Until we meet again may you prosper in all things: health, wealth, and wisdom. Now go live your most prosperous life.

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