How to Grow Your Business in the New Economy With Online Video

As we move forward after the great reset…the #1 opportunity for every business to start from scratch, to re-start, or even to rebuild from the ashes…is online video.

This can be intimidating.

But it shouldn’t be, because in order to start TODAY…

–          You don’t need to buy ANY equipment.

–          You don’t need to learn any fancy software.

–          You don’t need to know ANYTHING technical.

There ARE three crucial facts you must know in order to make video work for you – and I’d be willing to bet you already know all three. How is all that possible?

You’re going to get the answers about how to start growing your business with online video as we enjoy a conversation today with Diana Gladney.

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If your business isn't growing…how much of the problem is personal in nature? I’m talking about low self-esteem.

In a perfect world, we'd all be raised by married parents who deeply love each other and their children. We'd be treasured from conception and raised with tender care and firm guidance. We'd never be picked on by other kids, and we'd always be encouraged by educators to do our best.

We'd come into adulthood with a full love tank and a great relationship with our God. We'd feel great about ourselves, our abilities, and our gifts.

Wouldn't it be great to live in that world?

Of course, none of us have had access to that level of perfection. We've had imperfect parents, imperfect friends, and imperfect teachers.

So, to some extent, every man, woman, and child has an issue with self-esteem, and depending on your personality type and level of family dysfunction – we are each affected in different ways.

Low self-esteem impacts your business life in so many ways.

It holds you back from entering into relationships that would have a positive impact on your business. (“They wouldn't want to know me anyway!”)

It holds you back from expressing your opinions and being seen as a thought leader. (“They don't care what I think.”)

It holds you back from networking with your target market. (“Nobody notices me anyway.”)

I could go on and on. Do you recognize yourself in this at all? If yes – accept a hug from me and let me assure you that your low self-esteem is not your fault – but it is your present responsibility to do something about it.

Grab your favorite notes app and jot this scripture down…

2 Corinthians [5:17] reads:

“Therefore if any person is in Christ, they are a new creature; the old things are passed away; behold, new things have come.”

It doesn't matter how your life started or how many bad things have happened to you and around you – you are made new by your relationship with Jesus. Embrace new things about yourself!

Whenever you hear negative self-talk in your mind, respond to it!

Here's a powerful affirmation to speak over your life:

“I am filled with the knowledge of the Lord's will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; I am a new creation in Christ; I am His work in process!”

If you don't overcome low self-esteem…

You may not ever be able to achieve your goals of being a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs must believe in themselves and their skills. There's no one to prop them up in times of doubt – except for God of course.

If your struggle with low self-esteem is overpowering, please consider seeking out a good life coach or counselor for help.


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Diana Gladney…her specialty is “Helping Busy Entrepreneurs Simplify Video Creation to Amplify Your Business & Brand!”

She helps busy entrepreneurs take the SEEMINGLY complicated topic of video marketing and make it so simple and easy that ANYONE can share their purpose, their message, and their BUSINESS with those who need it the most.

Whether you're a stay-at-home Mom growing your business, or you run a full-scale marketing empire, Diana believes everyone has a purpose and that VIDEO IS SIMPLY THE BEST WAY to best share that purpose online and change people’s lives!

FULL DISCLOSURE: we are her client, and she does incredible work.


Diana’s Website:

Diana’s Insta: @dianagladney

Diana’s YouTube: Diana Gladney – EntreWoman TV

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Until next time, may you enjoy a long life, good health, and great prosperity – PEACE to your house.

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