How to Influence Anyone to Do Anything

What if you could get anyone to do anything? Could that impact your business? Your sales ability? Your success?

On today's show I will give you 3 keys that unlock influence and give you the power to get anyone to do anything. In fact I'll give you an “experiment” you can perform and prove to yourself this stuff works.

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Spiritual Foundations

Can you name the 1970's show about the Shaolin monk who roamed the Wild West preaching peace and kicking butts?

Today I'm talking about finding peace…and keeping it.

Tip of the Week

I never learned to touch type…I have Parkinson's disease…yet, I still manage to crank out content at a rate higher than some of the most skilled typists…but how is that possible?

Give me templates, text snippets, and a good text editor, and I'll blow most of you 90-wpm typists out of the water!

I'll give you the specifics on what I use and how they'll benefit you (even if you happen to be one of those 90-wpm typists).

How to Influence Anyone to Do Anything

To be a great marketer, you need to understand some basic human psychology.

Today we'll discuss the six basic human needs and how they fit into your marketing plans.

You'll also learn the one sentence that unlocks the power to create movements…to sprout conspiracy theories…even to do immense evil.

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