How To Get What You Want

How do you get what you want? The simple, two-word answer: Expect it.

That is, of course, the boiled-down version…we'll get into the specifics in this week's episode.

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Spiritual Foundations

“If you think about it, people wake up in the morning, they begin to think about their problems, those problems are circuits, memories in the brain. Each one of those memories are connected to people

and things at certain times and places and if the brain is a record of the past, the moment they start their day they’re already thinking in the past.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

How did you end up being who you are?

In my opinion, you, me and the rest of us are the sum of our habits. Dr. Joe Dispenza gave a great talk about this back in 2018 and you'll find the video linked below. It's a great reminder that our habits control us…so we'd better control them.

Tip of the Week

My tip of the week is an I-Phone app (sorry Android folks…if there is a good equivalent, leave us a comment) called Scan Plus.

Yep, I know…you have a scanning app or two already. This one is great because it not only converts your scan to a pdf, but also uses OCR to digitize the text and make it searchable.

Great for submitting official documents and general archiving, check out Scan Plus in the App Store.

How To Get What You Want

As I previously stated, to get what you want, expect it…now here comes the fine print: That may literally require changing who you are – changing the habits that dictate so much of what you do.

It may not always be easy, but it's my belief that any pattern can be changed if you know the 7 mastery steps:

Understand and Appreciate Their World

You must figure out the driving force behind your habits.

Create a Base and Get Leverage

The P.A.S.T.O.R. framework doesn't just apply to advertising copy…The same process that motivates a consumer to buy can motivate yourself to change.

Destroy Any Negative Patterns

Whatever the problem you're trying to correct in your life is, you'll need to find the associated negative patterns that contribute to it, and interrupt them.

This one can be tough. It may require a change of environment, or often…changing the people you associate with.

Define the Problem in Solvable Terms

Acknowledging a negative habit is a great start, but it's just the beginning. You must define the problem in such a way that you can formulate a plan to alter or eradicate it.

Create an Empowering Alternative

Okay, you've audited your habits and marked a few counterproductive ones for deletion…You've applied the P.A.S.T.O.R. framework to motivate change…You've intentionally disrupted your negative patterns and devised a solution…NOW WHAT? Now you do the work! You replace your old, detrimental habits with intentional, productive new ones.

Condition The New Alternative

No matter how good the plan, it likely will not come naturally (if it did…you wouldn't be doing this exercise). You repeat this until it becomes the new norm…the new habit.

Connect to a Higher Purpose

Regardless of whatever spiritual beliefs you hold (or don't hold), connecting to a purpose that is bigger than yourself will be hugely beneficial. Maybe that higher purpose is being a better Christian, or maybe it's serving your community, feeding the homeless or volunteering for an organization that helps clothe underprivileged children.

I suggest creating a new environment and peer group that will support your plans for change. Having people counting on you AND appreciating your efforts is an incredible motivator.

Links From This Week's Episode

Dr. Joe Dispenza's speech referenced in this week's Spiritual Foundations

RSD Academy – Kris's pick for Entrepreneurial Spotlight this week is a small, but growing Youtube channel. This channel teaches principles of electronics, which you may have no interest in, but the subject matter isn't the reason for the spotlight. This channel was selected because of its simplicity. For those who think they need to make a huge investment in video quality (equipment, production, graphics, etc.) in order to build a loyal following, check this channel out. The videos are about as basic as you can get (typically, just a guy and a whiteboard), but the guy knows his stuff and at the end of the day, there will always be an audience for valuable information even without the flash.

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