7 Reasons Why You Should Do a Product Launch

I believe just about everyone needs to learn how to do a product launch. Now mind you, a product launch is different from a product release. Product releases are often dull, flat, and disappointing for everyone involved. Product launches are often (usually) exciting, fun, and profitable for everyone involved.

Microsoft releases products. Apple launches them. What's the difference?

Nobody lined up at outside a retail store and waited all night to buy the latest Microsoft product…

This Is Not Just For “Internet Marketers”

This is for any entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach, consultant, sales person, artist, software developer, actor, dog trainer, accountant … in fact, it's for anyone who wants to get more attention for their message, product, or service.

And it's especially for those who want to get paid more, because they reach more people (and therefore help more people).

But getting paid more is only the most obvious reason you should do your own product launch. There are at least 6 more reasons (probably more). Let's walk through them together…

7 Reasons Why You Should Do a Product Launch

  1. Increase Your Income. Product launches are well-known for creating “cash windfalls”. How big can these be? It varies. My first launch, back in 2007, yielded just over $30,000 in a weekend. Our latest launch has yet to go live (that happens starting the first week in October)… but the “in-house test” we did of that upcoming launch produced $100,000 in revenue in a single month! And remember, this was just the test. We expect the “real” launch to be much,, much, bigger.
  2. Increase Your Impact. Look, making money is not the only reason you are in business. You want to have an impact in the world – to help more people. In fact, if you put impact as the first item on your priority list, I believe your product launch will be endowed with even more power, to produce even more money.
  3. Gain Strategic Positioning. If you don't own some kind of positioning in the market, you are just another “face in the crowd”. Quick: what's the most expensive watch? Most expensive car? Coolest phone? You probably had one brand pop into your head immediately when answering those questions. That's because that brand owns that market position in your mind… whether the proposition is true or not! (The answers that popped up for me were: watch = Rolex, car = Bentley, phone = iPhone.) Whether your answers match mine or not, you did have a brand pop into your head. A Product Launch can give you instant positioning in the market. The market position I own, and will enhance during my upcoming launch, is “World's Most Expensive Copywriting Teacher” (there are reasons why I want to own that position… but that's the subject of another, upcoming, blog post).
  4. Grow Your Tribe. Let's be honest with one another. You are never going to have a big business if only 50 – 100 people know about you (unless they are all billionaires). For most of us, we need to attract a larger “tribe”. That shows up in reality as “a bigger email list”. But having an email list does not necessarily constitute a tribe. I can buy a million email addresses from spammers for $100 (don't do this, it's stupid) … but that does not mean I have a tribe of a million people. A real tribe is made up of individuals who feel that they know, love, and trust you. They hang on your every word. They are your true fans. The fastest, easiest, and best way to grow a big tribe? You guessed it. Product launch. Why? Because the very methodology of a product launch delivers a ton of value before you ever offer anything for sale. You give first. Then you receive.
  5. Stabilize Your Business. It's become popular to say that businesses based on product launches are not stable. That you have to keep launching to make income. Well, how about this: a business that has discreet, predictable, reliable, ever-increasing infusions of profit windfalls. That sounds pretty stable to me! And that's what “launch stacking” gives you.
  6. Increase Your Authority. These days, people don't buy based on research. None of us has the time needed to do the research required to make great buying or lifestyle decisions. So we have evolved a very smart strategy: the wisdom of authorities. We look to authorities to do 80% of the thinking for us… and we do the last 20% or so on our own. After others have taken the time to do the heavy lifting of eliminating the 80% of answers that don't make the cut. If you are one of these authorities, you have tremendous influence in the marketplace. And one of the most tangible benefits of doing a product launch is: a successful launch makes you an instant authority. There's a reason successful “launchers” are often called “gurus”.
  7. Open Doors. This is one of the most overlooked benefits of doing a product launch. Because of the Positioning, Authority, and Tribe Growth that occurs during a launch, doors open to you that were securely locked and guarded before. After working on a number of big launches, I found that household names and industry leaders were calling me. I started getting invited to meetings and insider events that in the past I could only dream about. Open doors lead to abundant opportunities that most people never even hear about.

You've Decided To Do a Launch… So Where Do You Start?

If you've read this far, you're probably already thinking, “I need to do one of these product launches!”

And your next thought will possibly sound like this: “Um… how do I do that?”

Fortunately, I have a great answer for you. Jeff Walker, who Forbes Magazine called “The $400 Million Man”, and who has taught thousands of people his Product Launch Formula, is offering launch training for free. And he knows how to teach this stuff: his students have done hundreds of millions of dollars in product launches.

You can get  his training today, for free.

Jeff's free material includes 3 training videos, plus his downloadable, 22-page Product Launch Blueprint, for a very limited time.

Just click this link to get the videos and the blueprint. (He will be taking it down soon, so click the link and get it now.)

All it will cost you is your email.

That's great place to start, and I recommend you do it now.

Question: Have you decided to do a Product Launch? If so, what will you launch, and when?


Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.