Pastor “Fired” by Church Becomes 6-Figure Copywriter

If anybody is going to change this, it has to be me. No one is coming to save me.

That's a quote from my guest this week, Dawn Apuan, and it turned out to be a powerful (and profitable) epiphany for her.

Dawn never saw herself as the entrepreneurial type until her family had the rug yanked from beneath their feet.

Not so long ago, she and her husband both lost their jobs…they had a new baby to take care of AND were forced to move to a new city for LESS money.

Somewhere amidst all the chaos, Dawn decided to take control. She didn't want to put her baby in a childcare facility while she spent her days working for low pay.

You'll get the full story of her rapid climb to a six figure copywriting business in the podcast, but here's a spoiler: She made the right choice.

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