Dr. Gus’s Post Covid Protocol

This week's episode is definitely a departure from my regular content, but it's an important message that I wanted to share. I know that most of us are ready to move on and quit discussing Covid-19, but there is a problem: Many people who were infected are still experiencing symptoms like lethargy, sleeplessness, lingering coughs, rashes and other unpleasantries which they don't even realize are part of the Covid-19 aftermath.

My guest this week is Dr. Gus Vickery, M.D. Dr. Gus has been my trusted physician for many years and has some pretty remarkable observations to share which could be life-changing for some.

IMPORTANT: Nothing you hear in this podcast, or the content you read on this page should be considered medical advice. Dr. Gus is an M.D., but he's not your M.D. You may have other physiological issues which make these treatments ineffective, or perhaps even harmful. If you're interested in employing some of the treatments he suggests, please consult your physician first.

Post-Covid Protocol

Below is the text of the document Dr. Gus mentioned in this episode:

This is not medical advice. These are suggestions for therapeutic agents that may help
individuals recover from the persistent effects of Covid-19 infection. Please speak with your
medical provider to discuss if these are appropriate for you to use
. If you use any of
these, please speak with a medical provider about how long you should continue taking

Links to products include a discount for those products.

Foundational Supplements (I take these year-round)

Thorne Basic Nutrients 2 a day multivitamin– one cap twice daily
Super EPA – High-Quality Omega 3’s – 1000-2000 mg daily
Vitamin D3 plus K2– dosing depends upon your current levels
Heart and Soil Beef Organ capsules– 6 daily (Use code TRIBE10 at checkout)

Antioxidant Support

I used these for 6 weeks following Covid and then as
needed if I feel I need to enhance recovery or reduce inflammation.
Quicksilver Liposomal Vitamin C– 1000 mg twice daily
Water and Wellness Hydrogen tablets– dissolve one in water and drink twice daily
Quicksilver Liposomal Glutathione– 2 pumps in the mouth and hold for 30 seconds and
then swallow once daily
Kion Flex– 3 capsules at night

Immune and Mitochondrial Support

Thorne Quercetin Phytosome– one capsule twice daily
Gaia Elderberry Syrup or Capsules– take 2-3 times daily if experiencing symptoms of
viral infection
Energenesis Mitochondrial Support Powder– One scoop 3-4 days a week

Phytonutrient Support

Athletic Greens– one scoop daily
Organifi Red Powder one scoop daily
BioOptimizers Magnesium
– one capsule twice daily

Vascular Support

Nitric Oxide- Berkeley Life


Dr. Gus Vickery's website

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