Entrepreneurs Step Up

The pandemic has forced tens of thousands of small businesses to close their doors. Now, in the midst of our recovery, another term from the history books threatens to manifest itself in the present day – world war.

I pray we find a more productive way to solve the world's problems. Outside of prayer, I have no influence over what is to come; however, I believe that in the aftermath of whatever occurs, the economic recovery will largely be in the hands of you and me…The entrepreneurs.

I have a message for my fellow entrepreneurs: Now is not the time to quit. It's time for us to step up.

This week, I'm sharing some ideas and recommending a few books that support that theory.

  • [00:00] Intro – What's going on and what should we do?
  • [01:47] Don't quit now
  • [02:36] Book recommendation 1: Entrepreneurs Will Save The World by Michael Hyatt
  • [03:48] Book recommendation 2: Permission to Prosper by Ray Edwards
  • [07:06] Book recommendation 3: The Vision Driven Leader by Michael Hyatt
  • [08:03] Book recommendation 4: How Do You Kill 11 Million People by Andy Andrews
  • [08:41] A harmless man is not a good man
  • [09:33] Book recommendation 5: How to Write Copy That Sells by Ray Edwards


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