From Big Idea to Bestseller

Last week I shared the story of how I recently received a $150,000 advance from a publisher for an upcoming book. Furthermore, I suggested that you can do the same…If you have the right idea and follow the right process. That episode raised a lot of interest (and a bit of skepticism). How can this be possible?

There's a simple reason why this is possible for you: Publishers want to make money. Someone is at work right now sorting through various manuscripts and proposals looking for the next “big thing”. Ideally, they get an idea so profound, that it goes beyond just a book. Perhaps it's big enough for a series of books, or training programs, or Netflix miniseries…An idea that generates cash for their company.

Reality check: Most of the content people submit to publishers aren't the next “big thing”…They're not a thing at all. They're crap. Either the idea simply isn't worth sharing, or perhaps it was simply not presented well.

This week, Jeff Goins and I continue our conversation; diving deeper into the process of going from “big idea” to bestseller.

Links – Walk through the exact process Jeff used to get this deal done – Jeff's boutique agency that turns big ideas into bestsellers

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