Get 1 Million Views of YOUR Video on TikTok

TikTok may have began as a platform built for teens and tweens to post dancing videos and the like, but that is NOT what it is today. These days, it's a viable platform for marketing yourself and your business.

But wait…there are plenty of those, why would you need another?

Because, unlike most of the other big players, TikTok does not require that you have a huge following before giving you exposure to its users. It's a viral-video machine and if you know how to put the right ingredients in, you can see growth at a speed that no other platform offers.

My guest this week is a TikTok pro named Bryan Switalski. Bryan knows the viral-video recipe and he's got some great tips on how you can get started, TODAY.

Spiritual Foundations

Looking for some free business advice? Why not check in with the number-one business consultant I'm aware of…God! I know that some feel the need to keep those world's separate and that God has bigger fish to fry than helping you with business problems (or your football team's victory), but…I have evidence to the contrary.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

– James 1:5, NIV

There is a great example of God's desire to partner with human beings to accomplish his purposes, and we'll dive into that in this week's episode.

Tip Of The Week

My tip this week is for an app called Boosted.

This app is for those who want to create slick-looking videos for social media, without being a pro (or without paying a pro). You can quickly crank out impressive video that is formatted appropriately for whatever platform you choose. They also have a huge stock library of free videos. If you find one that fits your brand, you can actually have a video that uses pro-grade footage and impressive graphics in a matter of minutes. Definitely worth a look!

Feature Presentation

Tik Tok is huge with its millions of users. It's also hugely misunderstood by many entrepreneurs who have dismissed it as a place for kids to hang out. The platform was definitely focused on and built by the young, but much has changed. Millions of adults (your customers) are spending an incredible amount of time on TikTok, AND (this is where it gets really good for you) – YOU can have a video that gets thousands, even MILLIONS, of views, WITHOUT being a celebrity, or having a huge following.

Bryan Switalksi is a StoryBrand Certified Guide & Business Coach who will share a (very recent) story of how one of his clients “blew up” overnight by posting the right kind of video. This is a highly motivating, take-action episode that will eliminate some of the myths associated with TikTok. If you've ever thought “I wish I would've gotten on _________ earlier.”, then here's a chance at redemption.

Links From This Episode

Boosted – Generate professional looking videos, sized appropriately for all the major platforms, with just a few clicks.

Bryan Switalski – Learn more about Bryan and his services at

Bryan's Free Tik Tok Guide – This is a GREAT RESOURCE to get started with Tik Tok and Bryan is providing it for free.

Be Your Own Copywriter – This is my new Cohort-Based course that will not only teach you how to write engaging copy that transforms your readers, viewers, members and followers into customers – BUT also helps you get the work done, in class – with support from me, my team of coaches, and your fellow cohorts. When you finish this live course, you will have every piece of copy you need to launch or re-launch your product, written, reviewed and ready for launch.

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