How To Create Content That Sells

I'm a big believer in systemizing tasks for repeatable results, BUT…can you systemize creative processes? Absolutely! In fact, I have a method that will help you generate consistent, strategic content that WILL get you noticed AND boost your bottom line. That's what I'm breaking down in this week's episode.

Spiritual Foundations

Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox.

Proverbs 14:4

Many entrepreneurs struggle with decisions regarding investing; whether the investment be in employees, equipment, services, etc. You may ask yourself, “Is it worth this extra hassle?” This verse from Proverbs reminds us that in order to have abundance, we need the strength of the ox, which, of course, comes with its share of poop.

Tip Of The Week

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. This tip is not intended to be taken as medical, or psychological advice. If you need that sort of help, seek a professional.

Now that I have that out of the way, here's a tip to help you with anxiety and depression:

For one week, try these five steps:

  1. Turn off all notifications (phone, tablet…anything that winks, blinks, buzzes, etc.)
  2. Check e-mail and messages only ONCE per day
  3. Remove social media apps from your phone and other devices
  4. Only use social media for advertising and promotion (Use it for output, not input)
  5. Avoid all newscasts and reporting (If it's a big deal, you'll hear about it)

Odds are you won't try this digital detox, but IF you do, I truly believe it will make a world of difference in your outlook, productivity and overall happiness. If you try it, please share your result.

Feature Presentation

When we look at the way businesses use social media, there are a few noticeable trends:

  1. The Post And Pray Method A.K.A. Random Acts of Marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses live in this zone. There's no real strategy here. You're basically throwing out posts, tweets, videos, etc. and hoping you get some positive attention (which usually doesn't happen).
  2. The Post And Pay Method – Again, not a real strategy, but simply throwing money at various social media platforms in the hopes something will bloom. Essentially, this is the same as the first method, but you burn cash in the process.
  3. The Post And Profit Method – This is what you should be aiming for AND it's what I'm breaking down in this week's episode.

Tune in to the episode (or check out the transcript below) and I'll share this process AND explain why it works.

The key is delivering consistent, microcontent (entertaining and easily consumed) to your audience. I've laid out everything you need to know right here. Check out that link and you'll also find out how you can get help from me and my team in generating AN ENTIRE YEAR'S worth of content for your business – I'm talking about INTENTIONAL content. The kind of content that grows your business, engages with your audience and gives you Brand Presence (not just Brand Awareness).

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