Monetize Your Message – With Jonathan Milligan

I’ve got a couple of big, epiphany inducing, points to share in this week’s episode, and I can’t wait for you to jump in.

The first is a personal revelation that I’ve had that will be impactful for anyone who makes or takes a digital course: Cohort-Based Learning.

If you sell (or plan to sell) a course, there’s something you need to know: It won’t work for everyone…because not everyone works.

It can be frustrating to share your best content (content that was life-changing for you) with someone who does nothing with it. You’re giving them the power to achieve their goals, but they choose not to use it.

While there is no universal cure for that scenario, I will say that the recent cohort-based courses I have taught have been my most productive…ever. In fact, in the course we just finished, EVERY STUDENT completed the course with their work finished, reviewed and ready to roll. They were ALL satisfied because they had something valuable to show for their efforts (and their investment).

It seems counter to the on-demand world that we live in, but Live Content and Collaboration are HUGE learning tools that I intend to put to use as much as possible in my business. 

We’ll dive into that a little more in this podcast, but I intend to do an entire episode devoted to this system (and HOW to do it), coming soon.

The second big takeaway this week comes from my friend, Jonathan Milligan, and is this week’s Feature Presentation.

Spiritual Foundations

This week, I want to discuss the perils of prosperity. I do not subscribe to the Prosperity Gospel, which roughly means that, if you’re a good Christian, Jesus will reward you with a Rolex watch or other such material things. Hogwash. 

However, this does not mean that I find the pursuit of wealth to be evil or immoral. If your aim of building wealth is so that you can lord it over other people, I believe there is something spiritually unhealthy about that, but money itself is not evil.

“…the distortions of something good must not cause us to think that the thing itself is evil.”

– Wayne Grudem

Money itself is a good thing and it gives us many opportunities to glorify God. 

My challenge to you is this: Over the next week or two, find ways to use your money to glorify God…without just giving it away (at least not yet). Think about that and then put it into practice. I'd love to hear what you came up with, so feel free to share in the comments below.

Tip Of The Week

My tip this week is for an app, and… sorry, Android users, this one is IOS only. 

If you’ve ever needed to remove the background from a photo for use in online content and had minimal success with complicated apps, like Photoshop, you must try Pixel Cut. This app can magically accomplish the task I just described and rather than me telling you how impressed I am, I think it’s best you just see it in action. Check it out at

Feature Presentation

Jonathan Milligan's latest book, Your Message Matters, is an important read for anyone who has the Why would anyone want to learn from me? mentality that’s keeping them from getting started. 

This is the biggest sticking point I’ve witnessed in wannabe entrepreneurs. Before they even get to the other popular show stopping excuses – The “but I don’t have” list… (But I don’t have a website… But I don’t have an email list… But I don’t have any followers… etc.) They first struggle with, “Why me? Why would anyone want to learn what I know, and why would they choose to learn from me?”

If you’re in that position, please understand that I’m not trying to minimize your feelings. I had the same doubts initially, but guess what… I was wrong. And, so are you.

In this week’s feature presentation, Jonathan and I discuss some of the big points from the book, like, “How to rise above the noise and get paid for what you know.”

Links From This Episode

Get Jonathan Milligan's book, Your Message Matters, here (U.S. residents can get a free copy at that link)

Be Your Own Copywriter – This is my new Cohort-Based course that will not only teach you how to write engaging copy that transforms your readers, viewers, members and followers into customers – BUT also helps you get the work done, in class – with support from me, my team of coaches, and your fellow cohorts. When you finish this live course, you will have every piece of copy you need to launch or re-launch your product, written, reviewed and ready for launch.

Pixel Cut – Easily remove the background from photos with this app for your IOS device.

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