Read to Lead – With Jeff Brown

If you want to be a leader, you need to develop a reading habit. 

“Leaders are readers,” says Jeff Brown, my guest on today’s podcast.

Jeff is the host of The Read To Lead Podcast, and the author of a new book called, not surprisingly, Read To Lead.

In Jeff’s book, you will learn

  • Why you need to read like your career depends on it.
  • The eight research-backed reasons reading will help you build your career.
  • How to absorb a book into your bloodstream.
  • Tips on creating a lifetime reading habit.

In our conversation, Jeff and I dig deep into:

  • Why books still matter, and why you should develop an intentional reading habit.
  • Why you should read physical books and not only audio or summaries.
  • Why you should read books with views that oppose your own.
  • Why reading contributes to higher income and more success.
  • How to remember what you read.
  • The startling simple math formula that will help you decide what to read next.
  • How reading makes life more fulfilling,
  • How you can find time to read – even if your life is “crazy busy”.
  • How to read faster – almost instantly. (You can read a 200-page book in 2 hours).
  • Do audiobooks “count” as reading?
  • The “secret” service both Jeff and I use to organize and export our notes from Kindle.
  • What we’re both reading now, and why.

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