Be Still and Know

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of losing sleep over pointless thoughts.

Luckily, my great friend Andy Mason wrote a book called Finding Hope in Crazy Times, which we turned into a 30-day hope challenge, and day 24 might be the answer we’ve all been looking for to help us get more sleep. 

Let’s start this morning with Andy and find the perfect way to fix our nighttime woes.

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Tune in to discover… 

  • ([4:12]) The late-night social media nightmare we ALL fall victim to, and we need to stop NOW. If you’re like me, you have nights where you either wake up or can’t go to sleep for some reason or another, and you think maybe a little scrolling will help. Let me tell you that always leads to even less sleep.
  • ([9:01]) The not so scary truth about the dark. Despite the fact that horror films have scarred our minds with monsters hiding in the dark, the truth about it is far from scary. In fact, the truth lies within Genisis 1:1, and it doesn’t say a word about the suspected monster living under your bed.
  • ([13:30]) How the man you see standing over you in your sleep is there to help you, not hurt you. This person is not there to steal all of your money, they are not there to scare you, that person is there to visit you and bring peace to your night. Can you guess who it is?
  • ([16:50]) Why the stay-at-home order might just be the rehab we so desperately needed. You’re probably thinking, “What are you talking about? I’m not an addict.” Well, you might be wrong about that… you just haven’t had to opportunity to realize it until now. Some addictions that we never paid attention to until now are the addictions to results, working, performance, accomplishments, and business. Now it’s time to recover and return to a life that is new, and hopefully even better than before. 

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Until we meet again may you prosper in all things: health, wealth, and wisdom. Now go live your most prosperous life.

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