The 5 Phases of a Prosperous Business – RELOADED

This week, we decided to use some studio downtime to revisit our most downloaded, most commented episode, and strip it down to the meat and potatoes. The original episode, which you can find in its entirety here, focused on the importance of the order in which entrepreneurs should do things to successfully create a personal-brand based business.

Three years later, the out-of-sequentialism problem still exists and the solutions in this episode are still valid. Even if you heard the original, this condensed, straight-to-the-point version may help you stay on track as you start or grow your business.

Feature Presentation

The premise for today’s podcast: Every person listening to this show can and should build a prosperous personal-brand business by following 5 proven phases.  

If you get these phases out of order you will have problems. If you are frustrated with lack of traction in building your personal brand online, chances are you’re out of sequence.  

  • If you want to start a platform-based, personal-brand business by taking your knowledge, your wisdom, your expertise, and your gifts and you can share them with people (the world) via the power of the Internet.
  • You can establish your global reach for $50-$100 by creating a radio show (podcast), TV show (YouTube channel) and other various ways of having people communicate with you (social media).
  • Many businesses have done just that.
    • Casey Neistat  started out with a video camera and making movies and had no audience, no following, and built a seven million follower YouTube channel. Part of his company was purchased by CNN for $25 million last year.
    • Peter McKinnon, a photographer, cinematographer, and videographer who lives in Canada has built a million subscriber YouTube channel.  
    • It’s not just YouTube channels, there are people in all social media markets like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You know the names of the people who rule these marketplaces, but you may not know the people in the niches that are getting wealthy serving a small, few thousand people in their particular niche.

The internet and the ability to build a personal brand online is the great equalizer of all entrepreneurs.”  Ray Edwards

5 Phases of a Prosperous Business

  1. Determine the meaning of life and the meaning of your business.
  2. Define your mission, your vision, your goals, and your tasks.
  3. Clarify your message. (Who you help, why they need you, what you do that helps)
  4. Create marketing materials. (Marketing that is clear, repeatable, and sticky.)
  5. Collect money.  (Give value first.)

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