Course-Correction On My List-Building Goals

I just completed reviewing the progress I’ve made on my 2015 goals. With most of my goals, I’m doing quite well. I’m even ahead of schedule on a few of them.

BOLOGNA, ITALY - OCTOBER 9, 2014: Shot of brand new Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display, a third generation in MacBook series, designed and developed by Apple inc. in October 22, 2013.

But when it comes to my most important business goal, my “push goal” for the year, I need a course-correction. I’m off-target with the goal I set for building my email list. What am I going to do? I’ll get to that in a moment. First, though…

#160: Are You Making These 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

You’re smart. You never believed the people who said “there’s no money in Social Media”. You thought the people who said Social was all about “pictures of what people had for lunch” or “videos about cats” were missing the point. Yes, those things are popular on Social Media… and it’s also true that Social Media is a vital marketing medium that can bring big rewards, monetary and otherwise when done right. Just ask Taylor Swift, Oreo, the folks behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, or even President Barack Obama.

5 Social MEdiamistakes-

Just knowing Social Media Marketing is important, however, is not enough. You must know how to do it right – or at least how to not do it wrong. Today’s episode will address what I consider to be the 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes you are most likely making right now… and how to fix them.

#159: The Fastest Path to Cash

Cash is the oxygen that lets your business breathe. And just like oxygen, when there is none available it’s all you can think about because you need it to survive.

The Fastest Path to Cash

Sometimes your business just needs a fast infusion of cash, and today I’ll show you 3 ways to get cash quick. Best of all, they are legal, moral, and ethical!

#157: Five Trade-Offs Help Build Your Business Faster

It can be hard to find time to build your business, especially if you have a full-time job. “Moonlighting” to build your business can lead to burnout, problems with your current employer, or the failure of your spare-time startup.

5 Trade-Offs To Build Your Business (1)

I found I had to make five specific trade-offs to make it work. I believe anyone who is leaving a full-time job to pursue their own business can do the same, if you’re willing to make these same five trade-offs.