#213: What Is Practical About Jesus?

Why a Preoccupation With Christ Eminently Practical

Many (if not most) modern Christians have a “pop-up Jesus”… we “pop him up” on Sunday morning, or maybe while we’re listening to Christian radio.

Ray Edwards Show #213 - What Is Practical About Jesus- (1)

But when the chips are down (sickness, relationship trouble, financial problems), we often turn to more “practical” answers, like medical science, Dr. Phil, and good financial books. None of that is bad. But if we put our faith in those things, we’re sunk.

We need to pursue, and be preoccupied, with “the One Thing” for all Christians.

If you are a Christian, there is only one thing you need. And we should be obsessed with that One Thing.

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#212: Pat Flynn on How to Know If Your Business Idea Will Work

"Will It Fly?"

You have a great business idea — or so you think. But will it work?

Will It Fly-

That’s the subject of Pat Flynn’s new book, Will It Fly?, and in this Deep Dive Conversation, we dig into how Pat validates business ideas. He breaks down the core of what’s in his book. And he talks about why he does all that he does…

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Should I Shut Up About Jesus?

3 Reasons Why I Don’t Hide My Faith

Some time ago, I wrote a blog post about the true secret of my success in business – Jesus Christ. It’s one of the most popular posts on my blog. In that post, I explained that I would no longer separate my business life from my faith life.

Ray Edwards Shut Up About Jesus

I wrote another post about the 7 Mountains of Culture. It’s about how followers of Jesus should aspire to places of influence in those areas. Again, this is one of the most visited posts on my blog.

I feared that my blog and business would suffer as a result of this “mixing” of the sacred and the “secular”. That was not the case – the opposite was true. Those who did not want to hear about God went their way – they didn’t stick around.

But recently, my blog has grown in readership, and my podcast audience has blossomed. And a new wave of criticism against me has arisen. The basic message: “Ray, shut up about Jesus, and stick to writing about marketing and business.”