#164: The O.D.E.S.S.A. Secret To Writing 10X Faster (And Better)

Want to know the secret to writing well? Write a lot. Want to know the secret to writing a lot? Write fast.

WRIte 10x faster

Not only does writing fast help you write better, it also allows you to make more money (if your income is dependent upon your writing). In this episode…

The O.D.E.S.S.A. Secret To Writing 10X Faster (And Better)

#163: 5 Quick Ways To Jumpstart Dead Blog Posts

Have you ever written a blog post, one you thought was going to be brilliant, only to read it afterward and realize it falls flat? Have you ever gone back through your library of past posts, and occasionally wondered, “How did I write something this boring?


If so, don’t despair. I think all of us who write experience this phenomenon. The good news is you can resurrect “dead” blog posts. In this episode, I will describe 5 quick ways you can jumpstart  a dead blog post.

The 5 Doors of Destiny

Yesterday I preached a sermon called, “The 5 Doors of Destiny” at Zion in Spokane, WA. You can hear that sermon here.


Or, you can receive the point I was trying to make just by reading the two paragraphs below.

A legitimate question to ask is, “If Jesus is now Lord of the world, why is it still filled with evil, wickedness, pain, and chaos?”

The answer: Jesus, the ruler of the world, has chosen to rule in and through his people. For this reason, the Scriptures call us “kings and priests” on the earth. Or as Peter put it, “a royal priesthood”, bringing us back to God’s original plan for human beings.

Jesus: A Theography, by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola, pp. 159

Eliminate Anxiety by Doing “The Cleanup”

“Nature abhors a vacuum.” Aristotle is generally credited with this saying. While it may or may not be true in physics (there is some debate, and that is not the subject of this post), it is most definitely true of humans.

Eliminate Anxiety by Doing

Human beings have a low tolerance for “incompletes”. That’s why serial television shows are so successful. Each episode ends by opening up a mystery to be solved only by watching the next episode.

#162: 5 Reasons Cussing Is Costing You Cash

On March 27, my friend Michael Hyatt started a firestorm with a blog post entitled, How Much Business Is Your Profanity Costing You? 


One of the most heated debates I’ve witnessed online ensued. Many people offered the rationale that their profanity was either a way of bonding with their audience, or of using an NLP technique known as a “pattern interrupt” (allegedly getting immediate attention and thus making communication more effective). I think most of the discussion missed Michael’s most important point.

I’m amazed that almost all of the hundreds of people who vented their opinion completely failed to see the most powerful business-based argument Michael put on the table. In today’s show, I’ll be Captain Obvious and show what you may have missed – plus I’ll give you 5 reasons why your cussing isn’t making you cool, it’s costing you cash.