21 Money Myths That Keep You Broke

...and the 21 Liberating Truths That Will Set You Free

Where did you get your beliefs about money? Chances are they were not consciously chosen, and that they aren’t a well thought-out integrated “philosophy of money.”

The most commonly held misconceptions about money are actually dangerous deceptions… contradictory beliefs in a reality that punishes those who try to navigate life based on contradictory tactics. In this episode we’ll bust the 21 most common – and most dangerous – money myths…and we’ll expose the liberating truths that will set you free of your self-imposed limitations.

5 Reasons You Need A Mastermind

Most people have heard of a mastermind, but they don’t truly understand the power masterminds produce or how to correctly participate in one.

Even fewer people know the five reasons you need a mastermind…that and more will be revealed in this week’s episode.