4o Days To Take Your Promised Land

It's Not Too Late To Meet ... Or Beat ... Your Goals

As of today (Saturday, November 21), there are only 40 days left until January 1, 2016. Chances are, if you are like me, you have some goals you set way back in January of this year (2015) that you haven’t achieved yet. Most people would just give up at this point and say something like, “Well, next year will be different.” Bull! When has next year ever been different for you?

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This Phrase Kills Success Like Roundup Kills Weeds

And Why You Should Never Say It Again.

There’s a little bromide that is used when someone is about to fail, usually in a spectacular fashion. Some well-meaning but misguided soul (often the soon-to-be-failure themselves) will utter the deadly incantation: “Well, the best you can do is all you can do.”

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Here that screeching sound? It the sound of the brakes on whatever endeavor might be in process. The violent head-on collision of a bad attitude obliterating a difficult (but worthy) goal.

The fact is, “the best you can do” and “all you can do” are usually uttered when we believe we’re about to fail, and…

#193: 7 Shocking Productivity Hacks

Get Twice As Much Done In Half the Time

When it comes to productivity, there is no shortage of advice. The problem is it’s often the same advice, repackaged with a bright new wrapper. Nothing new inside.


And there’s no problem with that. Often, we need to hear the same advice presented differently, at different periods in our life, before it “clicks” and we finally “get” it. But sometimes, we need something truly different, something that rises above the normal, and begins to look more like a revolution than an evolution.

Today’s “7 Shocking Productivity Hacks” may not seem new at first, but the extremes to which I will advise you to take these measures is, at least, something outlandishly more radical than what most would recommend. When you listen to today’s show, you’ll discover:

  • How you can finally conquer your overflowing email inbox, once and for all, guaranteed. For free.
  • The devastatingly effective method that ensures you never receive another unwanted phone call.
  • A radical, but powerful method for getting rid of “dead weight” friends and acquaintances who are dragging you down… without making them feel judged, and without hurting their feelings.
  • The almost magical technique to prevent writer’s block, plus multiply your creativity, energy, and productivity by a factor of at least 7 … maybe 10.
  • How to eliminate – totally and permanently – the #1 way other people waste your time.
  • How to slash unwanted interruptions, meetings, and junk mail from your life, with one simple, bold “directive.”
  • The single sentence (that you will come up with) that will erase any excuse you have for wasting a single minute of your time on someone else’s priorties, for the rest of your life.
  • How God can set you free from self-destructive habits,
  • Plus, I’ll share a resource that helps you improve your marketing.
  • That’s all comin’ up on this week’s show!