#181: How To Create a Product And Start Selling It In a Week


“What do I do if I don’t have a product to sell?” This is a very common question we hear, and today we’ll answer it. In fact, it’s possible to go from idea to income in less than a week. During this episode you’ll also discover:

  • Who Let The Dogs Out (hint… it was you!)
  • How to raise a computer from the dead
  • The 10 day challenge we’re inviting you to try, that can change your life!

#180: 5 Profit Poachers That Murder Your Business


There are 5 Murderous “Profit Poachers” that are on a merciless mission: to kill your business. The good news? Simply knowing about them can stop the cash-killers in their tracks. During this episode you’ll discover:

  • A simple app that increases the life of your Apple laptop battery.
  • The lessons we can learn from Ananias and Sapphira… and why they had it right about money!
  • “The 5 Profit Poachers That Murder Your Business” (And How to Stop Them In Their Tracks)
  • The Paul B. Evans secret to preposterous productivity (without doing too much).
  • How to get booked as a speaker, and make a better than decent living.
  • Why you don’t need a “speaker packet” or a “demo reel”… and might even be better off without one.
  • How to get your work finished each day before 8am.
  • How Paul creates content in minutes, not hours.
  • The secrets of packing for a 7-day business trip -carrying everything in only a single backpack.
  • How you can make an appearance on this show, and promote your business or website!