#150: How To Create An Iconic Personal Brand [Podcast]

Now that you are marketing your products and services online, you have instant global reach. But there’s one problem: your marketing now stands shoulder to shoulder with Coke, Ford, the NFL, Oprah, and every other major brand that’s online. How do you compete?

Episode 150

In this session I’m sharing a conversation with Marshall Wayne, who is breaking new ground for Platform-Builders and Solo Pros… using something I like to think of as “Cinematic Marketing”. And the good news is, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Other Reasons To Keep Listening

  • You’ll discover the new alarm clock app I’m using on my iPhone that improves my sleep and increase my energy level upon awakening.
  • How you can be free of guilt and shame.
  • I’ll share how you can get your own show promoted on this podcast!

That’s all coming up in today’s episode…


#149: A Conversation With Michael Stelzner, Founder of Social Media Examiner [Podcast]

How do you start a company with just an idea, a few volunteers, and no budget… and in less than 5 years have a web media property with 15 million readers? That’s what Michael Stelzner did with Social Media Examiner, and in today’s episode we’ll share a conversation with Michael about how he did it. And how you could, too!


In this conversation, we’ll discover together:

  • Why the smartest promotional strategy might be not promoting.
  • The best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Michael’s method for launching new projects and products.
  • And his personal Social Media Marketing strategy.

#148: 10 Fresh New Podcasts You Should Check Out [Podcast]

I listen to lots of podcasts. And while I have a few core podcasts I don’t ever miss, I am constantly trying new shows out, looking for fresh voices I can put into my listening rotation.



In today’s episode, I’ll share my listening strategy: how I selected my “A” shows, which I never miss, how I select my “B” shows, which I selectively listen to, and how I decide what new shows to sample. And of course I will give you my list of 10 fresh new shows you should check out.

Other Reasons To Keep Listening

  • A book you can read this afternoon that will boost the success you enjoy starting tonight.
  • What to do about being disappointed with God.
  • How you can get promoted on my show, and get exposure for your website.

That’s all coming up in today’s episode…


#147: 10 Life-Changing Habits To Adopt Now [Podcast]

A young woman has quit smoking, been promoted at work, and run a marathon. An untested CEO takes over one of America’s biggest companies and focuses on just one behavior pattern in the company, and very soon Alcoa is at the top of the Dow Jones. A marketer at Procter & Gamble notices a seemingly insignificant pattern while studying videos of how people make their beds. As a result, the company makes a small shift in advertising and Febreze goes from being one of the company’s biggest flops to earning a billion dollars a year. What do all three cases have in common?

10 Life-Changing (1)

Reporter and best-selling author Charles Duhigg believes that in each case, the success came from a shift in the patterns that shape our very lives – our habits. Habits do form our destiny, but we can consciously choose our habits. That shift – a change in your key habits – can help you transform your relationships, your finances, your health, your business, and your life.

In today’s episode, I’ll suggest 10 life-changing habits to adopt now. And I’ll give you the tools, tactics, and battle plan to help make those habits stick.

Other Reasons To Keep Listening

  • You’ll discover the best book I know of on the subject of habits, why they are so powerful, and how to change them.
  • I’ll attempt an answer to the question: “Is it right for Christians to choose to ‘upgrade’ their peer group in order to be more successful, or is that a selfish, sinful pursuit?”
  • You’ll get a direct link to the best $10 training on Omnifocus you’ll find anywhere.

That’s all coming up in today’s episode…


#146: 7 Trends To Watch For In 2015 [Podcast]

As we begin a new year, it’s popular for many bloggers and podcasters to make “predictions” about the new year. I prefer not making predictions (unless I feel inspired to do so), but I will point out 7 crucial trends to watch for in 2015.

7 Trends For 2015

I believe these trends represent some fundamental shifts in the way business is done online, and the way you will continue to build your platform in the new year

Other Reasons To Keep Listening

  • I will reveal one of  the apps I’m using to help me meet my financial goals in 2015.
  • We will tackle the question, “if God is always good, then why do bad things happen to good people?”
  • I’ll also share how you can get a plug or mention, or even an appearance on this show.

That’s all coming up in today’s episode…


#145: How To Overcome Depression [Podcast]

Have you ever suffered from depression or anxiety? Depression is a major problem in the world today. By the year 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that depression will be the number two cause of “lost years of healthy life” worldwide.


This time of year feelings of depression are common. Most people suffer in silence. And in this episode I will share my own battle with depression, and give you my recipe for defeating this debilitating and deadly disease.


#144: 5 Powerful Ways To See The Road Ahead [Podcast]

We often treat the future as if it’s a mystery. As if we don’t have a say in it, or any control if it. And while there is some truth  in that, there is a deeper truth also.


5 Powerful Ways

We get to choose how we see the future, and the choice we make has a profound influence over the outcome we experience. This episode shows you 5 powerful ways to see the road ahead.


#143: Ask Me Anything [Podcast]

This is a special episode where I’m taking the time to answer a ton of questions from listeners and readers. I really enjoy these kinds of shows, and this one is no exception.


By the way, I am looking for success stories to start sharing on every episode. If you have a success story to share, click here and record it using Speakpipe. Keep your success story short and powerful (2 minutes or less is best). We’re looking for ways you’ve  been blessed by this show, whether is was financially, in your business or work, spiritually, or miraculous healing or provision!


#142: Michael Hyatt On Goal-Setting [Podcast]

It’s the time of year when we all start to think about making resolutions and setting goals for the new year… and we’re either happy about it, or cynical.


This week Michael Hyatt is my guest, and he offers a fresh perspective on setting goals. By the way, if you haven’t seen the fabulous free video training Michael is giving away on how to make 2015 “your best year ever”, click here right now and get access to those videos!


#141: 3 Reasons Why You Must Master Copywriting [Podcast]

Some people think “copywriting” – the art and science of writing sales copy – is dead and gone. Killed by social media.

3 Reasons Why

The truth is copywriting is alive and well. and more important than ever to you and your business. You must master this.