#169: 7 Indispensable Apps for Writers

Writers love apps. We can waste countless hours testing and researching them. Before apps, it was pens, paper, and especially notebooks. The truth is, the tools we use are not nearly as important as the act of writing.

The only indispensable pen, notebook, or app is the one that you will use to do actual writing. In this show, I'll share my personal 7 indispensable writing apps. Other reasons to listen:

  • How to know God's not angry with you.
  • An app that changes your negative thinking into positive thinking.

Spiritual Foundations

God's Not Angry With You

One of my ancestors, Jonathan Edwards, is famous for a sermon called “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” This is a mischaracterization of God that pervades the church.

  1. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
  2. If you don't understand the Bible through the lens of covenant and context, you can't understand it at all.
  3. God's unchanging attitude toward you is love and mercy.

Remember you are a saint in the arms of a happy God!

Tip Of the Week2015-06-09_10-26-38

WinStreak™ is an app that is the brainchild of Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach. According to Dan & the app's website:

We live in a world where there’s a lot of negative information. WinStreak™ is a simple tool for making sure that, at the end of every day, you feel positive about your accomplishments and excited for the next day.

At the end of each day, regardless of what happened, record what your biggest “wins” were. Then, plan what your biggest wins will be for tomorrow. This will keep you focused on your goals while recognizing and celebrating your achievements—or wins—along the way. It’s that easy.

Even if you experience setbacks, disappointments, or obstacles during the day, you know you’ll always have wins from today and have a plan to accomplish more wins tomorrow. Tracking your progress in terms of wins will undoubtedly maximize your productivity and kick-start your motivation.

The way you interpret your days is entirely up to you. Would you rather see your days as wins or as losses? It’s a phenomenal breakthrough to realize that you’re in control of the story of your life.

The premise it’s based on is simple: Life is a game, and we can set it up every day so we’re always winning. Our experience is that making this kind of thinking a habit actually leads to people being more effective, fun to be around, and enjoyable to work with.

The app is free, and you can get the full impact in less than five minutes per day.

Grab the app and get on a Winstreak!

Feature Presentation: 7 Indispensable Apps For Writers

  1. Scrivener. Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents.
  2. TextExpander. Type more with less effort! TextExpander saves your fingers and your keyboard, expanding custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text and pictures.
  3. Drafts. Drafts is a different kind of note taking app. In Drafts, text comes first – open the app and get a new, blank draft. Get your text down quickly, then act on it with powerful actions.
  4. Evernote. For everything you do, Evernote is the workspace to get it done.
  5. Byword. Simple and efficient text editing for Mac, iPhone and iPad.
  6. Microsoft Word. Bloated, buggy, and necessary.
  7. Pages. Pages for Mac is a powerful word processor that gives you everything you need to create documents that look beautiful.

What writing apps do you find indispensable?

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