Everything Is My Fault

Just a sampling of comments on our last few podcasts…

  • “You have ruined your podcast.”
  • “I thought you were a Christian.”
  • “You’re a complete f-ing a-hole.”

And to be fair:

  • “Best podcast you have ever done.”
  • “This was a GREAT episode!”
  • “Ray, I have always liked your show, but I love it now that you have Tiffany and Sean with you!”

In today’s podcast, I’ll answer the questions about what’s going on with our show, what you can expect in future episodes, and why we’re making all the changes.

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[2:19] Sean clarifies what he meant in last week's podcast.

[4:05] The initial error in society was that girls and guys were told they needed to look like whatever supermodel was the standard.

[13:15] You have to take responsibility for your own actions and reactions in life.

[21:00] Altruism says that you are your best human when you are compassionate and empathetic.

[24:00] Compassion and empathy really help turn people into victims.

[25:53] There is a difference between being victimized and being a victim.

[36:00] You are not in control of what happens to you, but you are in control of what comes from you when that happens.

[37:00] Sean tells us all about the tattoo he will be getting in the near future.

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