From Biologist to Blogger, an Interview With Leslie Samuel

Leslie was a high school science and math teacher. He has a master's degree in neurobiology. But now he’s a big-time blogger, speaker, and influencer. I’ve been in a mastermind with Leslie for several years, and I have nothing but the highest respect for him.

In fact, I’ve hired Leslie to be the emcee at my upcoming live event, The Copywriting Academy Live. I didn’t hire him because he’s my friend. I hired him because I saw him emcee at another event and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY! 

This guy has talent! It’s something he carries into a room that electrifies the crowd, and I believe he’s on his way to being a superstar, a worldwide influencer of a global movement!

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This episode is brought to you by The Copywriting Academy Live event coming up July 26th to 28th in Franklin, Tennessee.

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  • ([5:00]) How Leslie used his blog to become a doctoral professor of physical therapy even though he doesn’t have a doctorate. He used his passion and the power of his online presence to convince a stodgy university board to ignore their red tape and hire him even though he did not have the appropriate degree for the job.
  • ([9:05]) Why Leslie believes and can prove that blogging is NOT dead. He admits that it has changed a lot, but it’s not only NOT dead, but it’s still a fantastic time to start and benefit from a blog of your own… if you do it right.
  • ([11:55]) How to find your own voice as a blogger and content creator. It isn’t thrilling, but it packs a punch you can only achieve with patience.
  • ([16:50]) Why it doesn’t matter what you're passionate about, you can turn that passion into a successful business online. To get started, all you have to do is take out that thing in your pocket and start publishing.
  • ([23:35]) How Leslie made me feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof when he announced me as a speaker at a recent live event. He has a unique idea about what an event is and how to orchestrate it in just the right way to turn it into an experience that is second to none.


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