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Where do your best ideas come from? If you answered, “your brain”, you're only sort of correct.

Our best ideas come from other ideas.

We compile bits of information from books, videos, articles, blogs, conversations, etc., and through the convergence of those ideas, new ideas are formed.

This week's premise: You can build a system to intentionally create and utilize this convergence of ideas.

In other words, you can make it happen…in fact, the idea for this week's content was generated by my own system.

A quick note before you dive in: Last week's episode generated more questions than any podcast I've done in recent history. Many people had never considered the concept of systematically generating ideas, but it absolutely works.

These questions inspired me to demo my own system in an upcoming free workshop. I want to show you how this system works for me, how I built it, AND how you can build your own. It's spread out over 3 days, so the time commitment is manageable and the results will blow your mind. Again, this is a completely free workshop.

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  • [00:47] Systems thinking
  • [03:09] Don't just be an information consumer
  • [04:07] My content generation system
  • [05:05] The software I use (Notion)
  • [06:12] The way we get creative ideas
  • [07:05] Start by deciding to do it
  • [08:16] I'll show you how I built my system


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