Top Posts And Commentors For March 2012

Here are my top 10 posts from March 2012, along with my top 10 commentors.

Top 10 posts for March 2012:

  1. Copywriting Bullets That Hit The Target
  2. Free Book Giveaway
  3. Who Is Really Your Friend?
  4. 5 Ways To Get More Clients Or Customers – NOW
  5. Top 5 iPad Apps For Copywriters
  6. Car Wash In A Can
  7. The Much-Exaggerated Death of Internet Marketing
  8. Instant Value From Old Info-Products
  9. Deciding Who You WON’T Sell To
  10. Book Review: Value Based Fees

Top 10 commentors for March 2012:

  1. William McPeck
  2. Doug Hammett
  3. Benson Agbortogo
  4. Katherine Haag
  5. Stu McLaren
  6. Dana Beasley
  7. Daniel Axelrod
  8. Kevin Francis
  9. Alan Allard
  10. Andrew Stark

Each of our top 10 commentors will receive a copy of my book, Million Dollar Marketing Secrets.

By the way – we'll be doing this each month. April's prize will also be a book, though I haven't decided which book it will be.

So comment well, and comment often!

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