Your Sales Copy System

See if this sounds like anyone you know…

You need to generate some cash, so you come up with an idea. You set up your funnel and your checkout…You calculate your possible conversions…Then you remember you need to write that pesky sales copy, so you slap it together. As you roll out, you realize you also need thank you copy, follow up copy, stick copy, next offers, etc., and you tell yourself “Next time, I'll get it right.” This happens because you lack a system.

A system is, according to the Oxford dictionary, “a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized framework or method”. Most entrepreneurs don’t have that. Neither do most copywriters.

A system will bring you less stress, more sales, more profit, and set you up for the next sale. A copywriting and marketing system can be the first step in turning your promotion into a business.

What should be in your sales copy system?

  • Right-fit client profiles
  • Copy “chunks” proven to work
  • A complete PASTOR filter brief
  • Pre-promo content (blog, podcast, YouTube, social)
  • “Inception” copy
  • Interview scripts (for interviews on other media)
  • Swiss Army knife Emotional Trigger checklist
  • Sublist recruitment copy (opt-ins)
  • Sublist indoctrination copy (opt-in emails)
  • Email sequence framework
  • Pre-launch alert copy
  • Pre-launch content & copy
  • Sales page copy
  • Follow unto sales page for open cart copy
  • Cart close copy
  • Post sales followup
  • Refund prevention copy
  • Nurturing copy

Remember, the more you can “templatize” and chunk down, the better. As I have often said, I don’t like to start a project until I’m already 80% done.

System Checklist

  • Review
  • Proof
  • Set up an A/B test on headlines and leads
  • Test all breakage points
  • After action review

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